Saturday, July 18, 2015

The most Disgusting and Wonderful thing , ever!

Allow me to begin this journey with telling you that I have always wanted "baby feet" , like my husband, Mike has.
Seriously, he has feet of  a newborn. And it's ridiculous. And by ridiculous, I mean I am super jealous.
That being said, in my explorations of products to lighten  my happy little dark brown elbows ( a whole other subject), I discovered a product called, of all things..."Baby Foot".
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Ok, this could be interesting. 
 This "miracle" product claims to give you baby like feet within 7-10 days. Can this be?  After much research into this and reading a million reviews ( I NEED to be straight forward and honest with whatever I post, it was my responsibility to make sure I was not presenting something to you that you would curse me about later.)
I read about women with "hooves" and "cracks in heels the size of the grand canyon" and "feet that scare small children". I swear, I can't help but to look at women's feet now whenever I go anywhere. Ew. They ALL touted the wonders of this product. All! 
 I'm in.
 So I bought one. It cost me 20 dollars on amazon. Since I am a prime  member, it got to me in two days. 
Did I jump in and try this immediately?
Heck. No.
I will admit, I was afraid . Afraid that I was going to be the ONLY person in this world that this did not work for.  Because let's face it, if there is one person that something ridiculous would happen to, it would be me. And I wasn't sure if I wanted to be the only person Baby Foot could not help. 
So after about two weeks, I put on my big girl panties and finally did it.
Join me in my journey, would you?
Warning: This is not for the faint of heart. This is not for those who hate to look at other's feet. You have been warned. Turn back now.
So last Sunday, I got the box out and looked it over. Here is what the booties look like.
I washed my feet first ...because they suggested it . I thought to myself " who would put their dirty feet in these" anyway?  Ok.....I looked them over and then put then on. They come with a couple pieces of sticky tape to close the area around your ankle.
Now, when you do this, you should just be stationary. No moving around. They are very difficult to walk in, due to the plastic sliding around on your foot.
 Oh,what a shame. I have to remain still for one hour or more. 
So I left them on for an hour.( I have since read that you should leave them on for a little over an hour if you want faster results. Dang it. I obviously didn't read a million and ONE reviews.)
After the time was over, I took them off and washed my feet again. Put cute socks I bought just for the occasion on my feet because they suggest it. Maybe because all that skin comes off so fast? Cool.
Then waited in anticipation.
Remember, this was a Sunday.

Monday came = Nothing.
Tuesday came = Nothing.
Wednesday came = Nothing.
I will admit, I was beginning to feel like this was not going to work. Really? Why me?
 I need baby feet for the summer!!
Thursday came= oh. Oh ... what is this? My feet feel "rough".

 I feel the need to tell you I have heels that do  crack sometimes and that , even after a pedicure, I can still see the lines and small cracks and dryness in them. Makes me feel like I just threw money out the window, with the exception of the nail polish , of course.
my usual feet....see how dry and ick they look? Not attractive.

 I look at my feet and ( * insert glorious angels singing here*) lo and behold,  I saw some little bubbles of loose skin!!! YESSSS!!
must. peel. skin. off.

It wasn't anything amazing but I felt it was a start right?
Throughout the evening, my foot was morphing before my eyes. Brace yourselves, here come the icky pictures. I warned you.

I was so excited to see that something was happening and I was NOT going to be "THAT" girl who Baby Foot did not work for! I mean, A million women used this and for me to have that notoriety was just not working for me!
Of course, I log online to read more and scan other women s pictures ( holy crap) and discover,
 ( again, I was negligent in my research) that other women soaked their feet every day. I was not doing that. Maybe that is why it was taking so long? Duh, Colleen.
Now, let me tell you....during this time, my feet may look sore or tender but they absolutely were not! No tenderness at all. 
However, I should tell you that they warn you NOT to pull the dead skin away if it resists. It should just peel away like a suntan that you want to stay! Not pulling at the skin is a toughie. I wanted to. Man, did I want to.
Today is Saturday and I am still in the process of achieving baby feet! Look at today's pictures! See the new skin underneath all the  (ugh) dead skin? How in the world can I be so excited to see this and share this with you? (No, I am not being endorsed by Baby Foot But I should be!)

glorious new skin !

I see new skin!!! Hallelujah!! I am on my way to baby feet!! Hah! Take THAT, Mike Shelley!!
The reason why I decided to post this early is so that you can see that this product works.
 And in the chance that you would want pretty summer feet as well as I do, you could buy this  and discover your own horror/sweet story!
So now, I wait for all the fruit acid peel to do it's complete job and let the days take care of themselves. 
And resist the urge to whip off my shoes at the closest human being and say " Look at my feet! It works!!"
Here are my feet as of today....still peeling a little on the top but all in all, almost done! No more cracks in the heels and down the sides of my foot anymore!! Look how new it all looks!! What are YOU waiting for???

look how smooth and new it all looks!!!

no cracks, just old age.....hahahhaa


  1. ok I hate feet or the idea of anything happening to my feet and now I'm intrigued! does it hurt at all?

  2. No pain at all Lillie!!! Seriously! I am 90 percent new feet!!! Wheeee!