Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hello Atlanta, once again!

Today Mike and I  traveled to Atlanta, where Breanne and Danny and Belle and Zay were picking us up for a mini vacation.
The trip started out just fine....I actually ended up with an empty seat on a "overly filled" plane, according to the attendant. Score!! The guy in the aisle seat was as giddy as I was.
Mike sat in front of  me because we both wanted window seats. So be it.
All went well until the sleeping child behind me woke up. Half way thru the trip.
From then on, it was "let's see how many times I can kick the seat in front of me and oh, let me jam my foot in between the seat cushions so I keep nudging her in the behind!"
In case you're wondering, yes, I asked him to stop. twice.
The third time, I lifted myself up and turned towards him ( while his brother and grandmother were totally ignorant of anything happening around them) and said" Ok, that's enough, Now. No More."
He kinda shrunk down in his chair and looked at grandma. No help from her, she was oblivious. She was more interested in giving geography lessons. " Is that your cul de sac boys? I think I see your house! Can you see your Prius?"
I sit down and"boom"....another strike with the foot.
By now I am a nervous wreck just wanting off the damn plane. And mentally plotting his demise and where to get rid of the evidence.
We finally land and I could not get off that plane fast enough. Where I proceeded to wait in line for the restroom ( last place I would want to "rest") 17 women deep. Only to get a stall with no toilet paper.
Forced to ask the lady in the next stall for some. " I don't have any either" she says.
Seat covers have more than one use, turns out.
As I exit said restroom, I noticed the boys waiting for their grandma. The one locked eyes with me and I gave him my best " if I could get you alone, you would be a goner" look. He looked away.
That's right kid. May your next flight find you sitting next to an extremely flatulent man.
I have my family to meet.....not another thought wasted on you.
They took us to a farmer's market that was called Dekalb Farmers market.
Dekalb Farmers Market was founded in 1977 as a compact urban produce market. The company operates a world market in a 140,000-square-foot facility in Decatur, Ga. Dekalb Farmers Market provides a variety of services, such as an in-house bakery, with more than 175 varieties of fresh baked breads, rolls, bagels, muffins, cakes, cookies and pastries; a floral department, with fresh and exotic flowers from Holland, Hawaii, Georgia, California and Florida;  Dekalb also features a meat shop, with beef, pork, chicken and seafood; deli, with sliced meats and cheeses; produce department, with fruits, vegetables, herbs, juices and specialty products; and a beer and wine shop.
Because they do not allow any photos of this place, I had to find them on the internet for you.

When you enter, it is bustling with hundreds of people all buying their produce, meats , seafoods and breads. We ate at the cafeteria they have where they sell home made dishes, salads and all around delicious food ,all organic. Mike tried the goat and loved it. Anyway....we finish our food and then walked all the way down to one end of the building to start exploring. Let me just put it this way...if they don't have it, it doesn't exist. I was fascinated by the spices.....check out the prices on these in the picture!
I start going thu them all and buying whatever I could think of that Mitch would want in his new kitchen. I got a big bag of bay leaves for a dollar. Whaat? I felt like I was robbing them.
The fruits and veggies were beautiful, the breads amazing and we didn't even make it to the meat and seafood section. It was time to go home. 
Since we have an almost 2 hour drive home...we needed to get going.
Time to go home and relax for a day before we head out for a beach vacation!
See you then!

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