Sunday, June 14, 2015

It's a beautiful hot almost summer day and I have to be productive.
I have to.
I could get in the pool but then I would be staring at what I should be doing and then have to get out.
So I avoid the pool and tackle the......plastic adirondack chairs.
You know the buy them in a pinch and then you regret the color or the chair itself and it ends up on the side of the yard never to be used again.
Well. No longer.
Today we are doing something about it.
See? I told you do. Plain. Boring. Blah.
So today I am going to show you what I did to /for them.
I began by painting with a can of outdoor spray paint. Good on plastics. I decided to make it two tones to match my new umbrella I am in love with. Yep. I said it.
I sprayed several of the slats an aqua color. Then I let that dry. In this heat and weather, that equated to about 3 minutes. So I gave it a good ten, just to be sure. That, and I started to overheat and had to get some ice tea.
Making sure the paint was on there good , I used painters tape to lay over the aqua color.So that when I added the next color, it would not overlap.
Then I used a Royal Blue spray paint that I got at Hobby Lobby for an amazing price of 4.19 a can, on sale. Seriously a great price.
I gave the chair three coats of the Royal blue. Now, I know this make look a little streaky but for those of you who KNOW me, it is not.It's just the glare from the sun.
So I will let this set for a day and then put it next to my happy new umbrella.
Did I mention I love that thing?
In case you missed it, this is that bad boy.
So now you know why I choose the colors for the chairs that I did.
Chairs, Plural. I did two. In this heat. '
I am exhausted. I need more sweet tea.
What do YOU want to paint today?

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