Monday, December 15, 2014

"Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...."

Ahh, it's Christmas time. And this is the way my home would look if I had my way. Maybe a few more ornaments on the tree, but that's it.
Unfortunately, I have been sick since Thanksgiving and this is what my tree looks like at the present. Only not as pretty.
I took my wonderful 400 dollar tree out of the box and discovered there was water damage to the lights at the storage unit. Out of 2000 lights, only about 100 of them worked. This was a dilemma.
I did not want to go out and purchase another tree when mine was perfectly fine! No! Don't want to spend 300 bucks on one half off!
I know!!!
I will cut off the lights and then buy new lights! yes?
No. Said my son Mitch. "waaaay too much work Mom".
" Oh come on Mitch, it's worth it!"
Fast forward FOUR hours later when my back was on fire from searching and cutting and separating and extracting lights and wiring. All the while , I kept thinking Mike was going to be so happy I was being thrifty and saving us some money!
He came home from work and saw me with the carcass of a tree plopped onto the dinning room table and me performing intricate surgery on the thing. I explained my dilemma and my decision to be frugal.
" I would have bought a new tree" he says.
Well, you know what? It took me four hours but I was glad I did it.
I went to Big Lots and found some C-9 bulbs like we used to have when I was a kid ( I love anything vintage!)  but, SCORE! They were LED's!!!! In the cart they went!!!
So now I have to put the lights on the tree.
 Even tho my Doctor told me today to "STAY DOWN AND REST"
Hahhahahhha, that's funny Dr.
Like that's gonna happen. This is Christmas time and I have things to DO!!!
Stay tuned for the final product.

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