Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day Two....the meltdown continues....

Day two of Disneyworld!
You know, the park so dang HUGE you can take a ferry from the parking lot to get to Magic Kingdom! No kidding!! This is it ~
We decided that we would spend 9 am until around 2:30 at Magic Kingdom and go back to the resort to swim and rest. Then we would head back for the fireworks and electrical light parade. Sound like a good plan? yeah, we thought so too. So off we went. To walk another 10 thousand miles. Actually, Danny had a watch that counted his steps and it said we clocked in around 12 thousand steps. Which, in actuality, means 15 thousand for me and my small stubby legs. My feet were going to fall off. No lie. So we went on the Jungle cruise, the Pirates of the Caribbean, Zay met some of the fairies, and then topped it off with Splash Mountain. All in 90 degree , 90 percent humidity weather. Oh, the joy. Did I mention the children meltdowns?
 Because we were privy to more of those as well. I waited with Breanne while Mike, Danny and Zay went on Splash mountain. She was trying to get a good spot to catch them on camera as they came down the waterfall and I was trying to find a spot to discreetly die. I had Danny's military backpack with me and set it down beside me. Which, apparently, was a direct call to two children to come and hop over it over and over again. At the 4th hop, I very quietly said to the boy ~ " if you come anywhere near this again, I will push you down". I did. Do not doubt a very tired, hurting 55 year old woman. The look of horror on his face was my reward.
We get back to the hotel ( after we walk a thousand miles to get OUT of the park, to get ON the ferry, to get OFF the ferry , to walk back to our car in the parking lot, to drive back to the resort, which is next door, but took us almost 30 minutes to get there) and it starts to pour down rain. I mean POUR. Which left us no choice but to nap. So be it.
We wake up and head into Orlando to go to the Cheesecake Factory. Why, you ask? Because Breanne has not been to one in almost 3 years and is dying for some lettuce wraps and grilled artichoke. Ok, so am I. Those things are delicious. Annnnd one tends to cater to a pregnant woman who cannot keep any food down whatsoever. Poor girl.
After that delicious meal, I decide we should head back to Magic Kingdom for the fireworks. People are lining the streets getting themselves a choice spot for the light parade. I have to tell you, those fireworks were amazing. I have never seen a better show. Seriously. Have. Not.
 And then cue the rain. Yep. More rain. We try to wait it out by shopping in the gift stores, which my mind totally appreciates the layouts and graphics and colors and displays and.....well, you get the point. Then we hear the announcement. The parade has been cancelled.  Dang it!! This rain is getting on my last nerve! We walk back to the car , covered in ponchos. I looked like a drowned rat...second day in a row. Praying I wouldn't see anyone point at me and say " didn't we see that awful looking woman yesterday at Animal Kingdom mom?" 
And day three will not disappoint you either.

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