Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day Three....Disney's Hollywood Studios

Day three....Hollywood Studios, Orlando.
Have you ever anticipated something so badly that you could barely sleep the night before? Yeah. That was not me. When they woke me up to get ready for day three....I wanted someone to give me some blue juice. Put me down.
 I don't wanna wallllllk anymorrrrre!
Don't make me goooooo!
 Oh fine.....So we get to Hollywood studios with a kajillion other people when it opened. That's right, pretty sure I counted every one of them. So we decide to go left when everyone else is going right...less crowded streets that way. The theme is a backlot studio....prop streets with prop houses. Only, this park did not thrill me in the design. Seemed a little, uhm, lacking. ( there's always a critic somewhere)
We get to the first thing we wanted to do, only to find it wasn't open yet. Whaaaat? is THAT all about?
Studio Backlot tour....a demo of how they make the movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark, etc etc. So we move on. To wander the streets aimlessly
 Do we have a map? Well, yes of course we do.
 Can we find what we want? Of course not!
Finally~ We get to "honey I shrunk the kids set adventure", thinking we were going to have an adventure!!! No. Just a big playground that makes you feel like an ant. With screaming running children. Moving right along.
Cue the rain. AGAIN.  We bypass the Muppets...they don't really thrill us.  The rain comes down harder. We find refuge in an Italian Restaurant. Sweet. The wait if 45 minutes if you don't have a reservation. We don't. After much deliberation....we decide to sit it out and wait. (Transalation: Colleen is not going out there to wander aimlessly to find another eatery to discover we have to wait there, as well. Nu uh. No way. We wait here.) The rain becomes a monsoon complete with thunder and lightening. We eat, and then reluctantly head out into it. Complete with ponchos. The rain comes down harder. Now, let me explain something here. It's not like when it rains in Washington and the temperature goes down a little. Nope. It stays at a lovely 93 degrees and when you have that hood over your head, the clear poncho steams up and makes things even more enjoyable. If you love a sauna.
So picture thousands of people in their ponchos, looking for a ride that isn't closed . They close all the outdoor rides in inclement weather. Wussies.
Now picture you bumping into said people over and over again, while trying to navigate a park in the pouring down rain. You getting the picture?
We find Beauty and the beast and duck in. Yesss. Out of the rain and into the enclosure equipped with bleachers. For my broken tailbone. ( I broke it years ago but the ramifications are still with me.....why wouldn't they be?) So I sit in misery trying to look happy. I don't think I was fooling anyone.
It's over and we are trying to figure out which rides we can go on .......the one we wanted to do reeeeeeal bad was Toy Story. So we walk a thousand miles to that attraction. To find the wait is 2 hours and 30 minutes. And the fast pass is closed. Of course it is. Well crud, scratch that. We wander around, trying to find cast  members to trade our pins with.....( the one thing we enjoyed doing!) and wait out the weather. By the time it stopped, we decided we had enough. Time to call it a day. Please.
I really can't even tell you what time we got back or what we did for dinner because I think I blacked it all out!
I KNEW we should have gone to Epcot.
Stay tuned for day four......( backseat driving, only in the front seat)

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