Friday, July 12, 2013

Day Four~ The meltdowns continue....this time they are Breanne's.

Day Four ends our time at Disney World. When I was told by Danny how big it actually was, I heard him, but I just didn't HEAR him. I can't begin to tell you the size of this place. I was also told that there is no way you can see it all in 5-7 days, much less 4. Now I know why. Danny kept track our our steps and we averaged around 12-15 thousand a day. A day! I swear I wanted to rip that watch off his arm at one point in time.
We began our day by sleeping in. Yessss. Then we packed and hit the road looking for souvenir shops for requests  friends had made. This took awhile Because everyone knows, no man wants to go souvenir shopping. Ever. 
Now, when we left FOR this trip, I drove. I have a hard time being a passenger in the back seat of any vehicle. I get antsy. And twitchy. And want to crawl out of my skin by the first hour. And grouchy. (See the first three reasons.)
 So, when I drive, I am totally comfortable and there is no reason for meds. Reason enough for me.
 Put one more man in the mix on the way home and you have two males that:
A. want to drive
B. Want to sit up front because the back seat is too crowded ( duh)
Neither of these equations was working for me. So I quietly took my husband aside and told him that if He didn't drive or I didn't drive, I would go apesh*t crazy. Now, one would think that would get the message across, right? Wrong.
"Why don't you drive Danny and we'll  take turns?"
NOOOOOOOOO! Was no one listening to me?  I anticipated going insane. And then was forced to take some meds. 
When we drove down, Breanne and I noticed some great produce farms/stands and an awesome plantation that sold antiques and fruit and veggies and I'll bet every wonderful thing under the sun! "We will stop THERE on the way home" we said.
Yeah, no. My husband had the bright idea of cutting off time on the trip home by rerouting us another way home. What? You want to do What? You want to get home at 10 pm versus 11 pm, why? What on earth could possibly make a difference on one hour?  And this is the reason traveling without men is so much easier.
Picture Breanne and I pouting in the back seat. Now picture Breanne and I and Zailey squished like sardines in the back seat. Welcome to my life for the next 7 hours. 
On our way, we notice a 7-11. Hallelujah!  Georgia  and Alabama have no 7-11's anywhere. Breanne is craving a coke slurpee. We stop. The coke slurpee machine is not working. Oh man, this trip already smells like doom.
We see one more 7-11 down the road. Do we stop? Nooooooooo. ( "we didn't think you were serious about wanting a coke slurpee!") Remember, this is a pregnant woman who cannot keep anything down and has lost 13 pounds. Humor her and give her a damn slurpee!
We see TWO more 7-11's. STOP already! Did they? NO!
I quote: " Wouldn't it be funny is these were the last two 7-11's we see on the way home?" I'll give you a hint~ they were.
So now we have a disgruntled pregnant woman, a 55 year old twitching woman  and a small child in the backseat. Good times.
Cue the rain. Yep. You knew it was coming. We saw a fruit stand that had Indian River fruit; a hybrid orange that is supposed to be super sweet, Let's stop!!! So we did and  we were disappointed in what they had to offer. Not that alligators heads are bad or anything....just not on my "want" list today. Or any day.
Back in the car. More sulking.
We had more torrential downpour for the rest of the journey home. When we got to the border of Florida and Georgia, to my right I saw....can it be......the plantation we wanted to go to?!!! Yes!!! it was!
We drove by.
 That does it. No more men on any more road trips. Period. We. Are. Done.
Like this vacation.

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