Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Where have I been all my life?

Have any of you ever been to a Dim Sum restaurant? I know that may sound odd but I had never been to one in all my (dang) 55 years of age. Until a few days ago.
My son, Mitch, did some research and found this place in Chinatown, Seattle.
It got great reviews and so we decided to make it one of our stops for the day in Seattle. Good Move Mitch, good move.
We get there and the wait time is around 20 minutes. People were congregating outside and inside the waiting area. Me? I decided to go shopping. 
Down the street, down an alley and into some hole in the wall place that had great bargains.
 What? I can't shop while I wait? Hah! Watch me~ This guys' shop had $3 and $5 boxes outside filled with all kinds of cloth asian wind sox fish, satchels, totes, and, heck.....we had to go thru them all just to see what wonders awaited us! When I went inside, it was my kind of heaven. Mass knick knacks EVERYWHERE. There were more of the cloth fish I love in every color and size imaginable. Chinese dolls, flags, more satchels, tassels galore....I cannot even begin to tell you all it had. It was all crammed into a tiny shop that barely let two people stand side by side. Heaven. You all know me and my brain and color. Anyway...I am drifting. On the way out, I saw he has put a new box out.What?!? Filled with vintage wooden blocks! Oh man, I am soooo coming back after lunch. Wooden blocks go for 3-5 dollars apiece on etsy and his price was 25 cents each. Oh yeah. I WILL be back. So, back to Harbor City Dim Sum. 
We get back there and they call our name. A woman shows us to our table. Mike and Tomas decided to use the restroom. ( bear with me here, I am not getting personal for the heck of it). Within seconds of them getting up, a woman comes to the table with this cart FILLED with bowls of food . " you want this? or this? or this?" Excuse me, ...what? Mitch asks her what she has and she tells us "shrimp balls , hum Bao ( small buns of dough filled with barbeque pork) white rice with a beef mixture inside"...Uhm , yes please! She proceeds to set them all down on the table and walks away. Enter Mike and Tomas....to a table filled with food. What just happened here? Did we just sit down 15 seconds ago and now we have tons of food in front of us? Yes. Yes we did.. 
How cool is THAT?!?
And  it was so delicious, every bit of it. When one woman would leave our table, another would come by right behind her, with her cart of  more choices of dim sum. It was amazing. I felt like we were just coming off food stamps and had won the lottery. "yes please, ok, we'll take that, yes please" There were so many selections  to choose from and I was still in a whirlwind about the whole "sit down and food is on your table in 5 seconds or less" deal. Where has the place been all my life? Oh that's right, I don't get out much.
( I would be amiss if I did not tell you about their green beans. Fresh green beans sauteed in garlic. Not just garlic salt, or garlic bits but slices of garlic that tasted like they had been dipped in sugar and deep fried. THEN, sauteed with the green beans. Oh. My. Goodness. Nick and I may have dipped our hum bao into the residue of garlic slices when the green beans were done. Annnd I may have slapped the waiters hands who tried to take said plate away . It was an innocent mistake on his part, the green beans were gone, after all. )
The saddest part of this meal? The end. Because the women were still coming around and there was much more food to be had! More to be eaten! And I missed the dessert cart  while I was dipping my hum bao into the garlic deliciousness! Come back!!! I need whatever that layered orange and white dessert was!
 And of course, everyone was ready to get on with the day before she had a chance to come back." No, I do not want more shrimp balls ( pieces of shrimp mixed with a honey sauce and then deep fried, sighhh) or ginger pork dim sum....I want that orange and white dessert thingie!" I gave in to this groups demands of "let's go...we can get you something at Uwajimaya's"......Amateurs... how did they know if this Asian market would even HAVE what I wanted? 
Good thing for them I still anticipated going back to that hole in the wall shop to rummage thru the box of vintage blocks.
 Which I did. And got what I wanted. So I guess that makes up for lack of dessert.
I guess.
And if you ever come to visit me? Plan on going to Harbor City Dim Sum. Because the prices were so reasonable. the 5 of us ate a ton of food for 60 dollars, including tip. Amazing.

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