Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"Ain't we got no upbringin?"

 The internet can be a wonderful thing.
Can be.
It can enlighten you, educate you and amaze you with articles, photographs and knowledge.
And then, it can wipe ALL that clean with a few comments from people who post on links.
I happened to notice that a friend commented on a recent photo of Kim Kardashian in a dress that looks a lot like my moms curtains, back in the day. The comments? Here are a few:

"All u hoes talkin shit wish that you looked half as good as she does... wish yall was havn kanyes baby... and wish yall could pull wearing something like that. Fat? Where? That bitch is helllaaa fine. While yall talking shit about her waistin your time.. shes posted up in a big ass mansion... eating her pregnant ass off... Laughing at yall... cus at the end of the... she is THAT bitch !!!!!!!"

"All yall bitches who got babies were fat as phuck too... And all you niggas broker than these bitches... I ain't ridin Kim and Kanye... I just don't hate on people... Yall bitches did that same shit wit Beyonce when she was preggo and was the first hoes that bought her album and now yall trynna get yalls body like hers... That's why half yall broke as shit now... Facebook paparazzi bitches... And when I say "bitches", I mean you niggas too..."

 "i dnt mind her big besides being prego but damn kim every big or prego gal knows that was a Fail! turtle neck and gloves WHAT THE FUK????? REALLY????????? that niga is just too into himself he gotta be like . bitch aint gona lok better then me...."

 Seriously people? I have sooooo many issues with this, it's not even funny!
When I hear men refer to women as "bitches", I cringe. Since when did this become an acceptable slang for woman? Does no one see how this slang damages a woman in so many ways? How demeaning. And yet, I hear women say it all the time to each other in a "fond" way. I may have made some jokes about it as well in my past but lately, I apologize for ever having done so. Not acceptable. This will not elevate women. No.No.No.

And the N word? I cannot even bring myself to type it! It was THE racist word when I was growing up in the 60's and 70's and now it is used so flippantly today. At what point when this was first bandied around did someone hearing it , not look up and say "WHAT?" And pardon my ignorance, but why is it acceptable for one black man to say it about another black man? WHY?
If you ask me, (and I know you did not but this is my blog and you are along for the ride, sooo)
I feel this is in fact, enslaving ( for lack of a better word) them and keeping them in a place they are so struggling to get out of. Is it just lack of education? People want to be respected and treated fairly and yet, these words are handed out a million times a day. How can someone rise above when they are covered with this crap?
There will always be slang...and it usually con notates a fondness or love for someone in a comical and or humorous way.
 These words....they do not.

And last but not least...the spelling! The short abbreviations, the mis-spellings, the bingo-speak ( before=B4)
Are these people that much in a hurry that they have to shorten everything? Or speak in Bingo? Or Walmart-ese?  Half the time, I get exhausted trying to figure out what they are trying to say!
I , myself, am all about how I present myself.
Obviously, I am not in good company.

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