Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mega Virus vs. Colleen

These last 5 days have been, oh, so surreal. Have I really come through this and am still alive? Oh, you may think I am exaggerating a bit. I assure you, I am not.
I went from being and feeling just fine on Monday afternoon to BAM! Struck down with a virus/bronchitis/ear infection/sinusitis by nightfall. Usually, I have warning signs.
You know, the kind were you feel a little "off" notice others around you spreading germs like frosting on cake, slowing down a little.
And when I do notice that, I get the battle gear on and do everything holistic I can do. And it has worked very well for me in the last two years. Which is no small deal for me, as I am prone to bronchitis. A lot.
So, I don't know if it's because I haven't had it in so long that my body was thrown or if this was a mega virus. Either way, I just lost 5 days of my life.
And the weird thing is, I still did things. I still emptied the dishwasher, did dishes, made my soup, made thanksgiving dishes for Michael and I.
 I barely remember any of it tho. What I do remember is  reminding myself to wash my hands after everything I touched. It was kind of obsessive.
What I do remember with extreme clarity is the pain. Now, you know I live in a #7 world ( on a scale of one to ten in pain) but this, this was a constant 8. Never ending.
And the hallucinations. Wow. Normally, I hallucinate before I get sick. One of my signs I am coming down with something. Just a fun little way my body tells me to "watch out". I know, weird.
But these were off the chart. Waking up after sleeping for an hour feeling panic because I had to insert the rectangular strips of paper in the slots on the wall. 4 of them. Yeah, 4. And feeling as if I did not accomplish this, all would end. But this is just a tip of the iceberg. They were constant and inane. Nothing made sense at all. And you know, I have to have rhyme and reason. So this made me not want to sleep.
But that was not a problem! My face , due to the sinus pressure, was in intense pain. I had to keep ice packs on my cheeks constantly. I swear, my facial bones rearranged themselves. I checked this morning in the mirror....they did not. I think to have face pain is the worst. Because you can't escape it. You can't talk yourself out of something when it's so close to your brain! ( " you are fine, your skin feels like smooth satin".   versus~."are you kidding me? It's on flipping fire!")
Annnd I could hear my pulse in my ears. Swooosh, swoosh, swoosh. For four days.
I was a prisoner in my head. I could not escape.
Sleeping for an hour and then waking for 3 was about my regime. It did not help when the heavy duty antibiotics they gave me caused me to reject any and all forms of fluid and or food. Oh joy.
Then the new ones they gave required they be taken on a full stomach, Really? I lost 10 pounds in 5 days..what food is there?
It was all joy when I woke up yesterday morning after sleeping for 5 hours straight. Maybe I was coming out of this?
I carefully proceeded with the BRAT diet..bananas, rice, applesauce, toast. But just the applesauce and toast for me. No thanksgiving food  for me. I couldn't even fathom eating anything like that.
But today is a good day~ I had enough energy to shower shower.
And maybe, if I'm lucky..I will be able to have some of my thanksgiving dinner?
Oh that would be grand.
Thank you all for your well wishes on FB....I appreciate you.
I am slowly coming back people!

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