Friday, January 11, 2013

Cough Syrup lies.....

So here I am in Alabama, the holidays have come and gone and yet, my cough is still with me.
 Like the gift that keeps on giving,only I never asked for this. Not only did it break my 22 month "being well" record, it very well may take the record for "the beast that stayed for 2 months".
I have to admit, I am not coughing non stop all day anymore. But that is due to Halls cough drops. In Eucalyptus only. No cherry anything. Ugh. And yes, I ate them like candy. Even took my life into my own hands and fell asleep with them tucked away in my mouth.(You do what you gotta do.)
When I left Washington, I knew I had walking pneumonia, but I was NOT going to let that make me miss another holiday. Thanksgiving in bed was bad enough.
So now I trudge through the day hoping no one makes me laugh. Because, when I do, I have another coughing fit. But, at least that's progress, right?
Did I mention the body pain? The mass body aches that come with the constant coughing fits that cause every muscle I never knew I had even in my prime, to seize and spasm and wait for the next tide? Crap, I feel like I should be so physically toned right now, it's not even funny.
All this during the holidays; the adventures, the dinners, the shopping etc etc.
Oh yeah, I got my share of dirty looks....but that was just my family, so.....
I leave here in 2 days for home. To sit in a waiting room as my poor husband has surgery for a new hip. Hope they even allow me to sit in the waiting room.
I need to go buy some more Halls. Stat.

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  1. I coughed all the way through reading this. UGH go away winter sickness! PS hope you feel better! also PS Glad your home soon! YAY!