Monday, November 12, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

For those of you who know me very well, you know that my creative "season" begins right
For those of you who don't.....that no longer applies.
As long as I can remember, This burst of " I have to make and paint and create anything and everything" usually began around the beginning of November and would subside by February.
But, thanks to Pinterest, I am on create crack.
Addicted, I tell you.
And I do not want any assistance and or intervention, thank you very much.
I find that since that spectacular site, I create all the dang time. Just look at my Facebook album if you need proof.
Needless to say, I am in Christmas mode. What happened to Thanksgiving you say? Well, let's face it...Thanksgiving has always just been the "welcome dinner" to Christmas for me. As soon as the last bite has been taken, it is officially Christmas time.
If you find you do not agree with me..please un-friend yourself immediately. This is not an option for me.
So today I am mentally going down my checklist for the clients I have already booked in this next month. One if French and that just thrills my very soul, being half French and all. And my other is just getting into quality vintage and that thrills me as well. This is going to be so much fun!
 See that little baby tree there in the baby cloche? That used to belong to Mike's mom. I found it when I was cleaning her home and it is about 3 inches tall and made with chenille and glass. A piece like that deserves it's own museum, don't you think? I found this great glass garland in a floral shop one year and I wrapped that all around my cloches and table.  I love to showcase things that have meaning and memories. That, for me, is the joy of decorating.
This next 30 days will fly for me, for sure. With all this decorating being done, and just a little for myself before I head back to Alabama for a Christmas with both my "children" this year! Mitch is flying in from Spain and Mike is flying in from, well, Tacoma and we will be together again for the holidays. The only sad thing is Danny will still be deployed, so we will not be "whole". I look forward to the year when we can all be together to do that!~
Look out Tacoma, I'm gonna be shopping to make these gal's homes spectacular! Who's as excited as I am?!?!

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