Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Time Has Come

All my life I have been creating.
Drawing, painting, re-arranging. I have never been able to find the "off" switch.
I have helped many with furniture issues, room decor, paint choices, lanscaping, and well, my opinions.
I have been happy to do so.
But I have discovered that more and more are calling on me for help. Which helped me to decide to help myself in the process. I have decided to hire myself out.So, I am sorry to more freebies. My time has become very important to me in the last couple of years and due to life's circumstances, I have realized my time is precious. I have tolled in countless hours of research and trying to find the perfect source for what I need.
I have designed and created two weddings, parties and  rooms designs galore. I love what I do. So,
I am a Home Stylist.
I have no professional training but  I believe I have the "eye". My whole being is focused on color, arrangement and merchandising. I live for it.
So if you should decide you need to know where to get something, what the best deal is, what color you should frame around, how you should re-arrange that room,want fantastic jewelry, how to make that pinterest recipe, pull off that etsy craft...
Call me. I am your stylist.
You are in  good hands.

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