Monday, June 18, 2012

High cost of eating out

Ever had one of those moments you wish someone, anyone, was there with you to witness it with you?
This was not a phenomenal thing, more like a " I am so annoyed that I have to listen to this conversation by myself" thing.
So I thought I would play it out for you....just so I wouldn't have to feel alone.
Place: a restaurant that shall be nameless, to protect....well,....I have no clue. I shall name them Wa for waitress, W for woman and M for man.
My dad and I are seated across the way from a woman who had a glass of water in front of her.
The waitress approaches her and says: " well, have you given up yet?"
"no, she says, he is always late."
The waitress walks away. 10 minutes later  this man comes in with a rolling walker. Dressed ever so dapper in gym shorts and a polo shirt.
As he gets to the table, the woman says : 
 W~" I had almost given up on you!, I have been here for over an hour!!!"
M~ " know I am never on time".
W~ " well, I am starving!"
M~ "what are the specials?"
W~" barbeque ribs, mac and cheese and baked beans for 9.99"
M~ " WHAT?!? That's too expensive!...I remember when this place used to charge 5 bucks for that, how in the world is anyone supposed to afford that?!"
W~ "well, we can go to Jack in the Box and get 4 tacos for 2 dollars."
M~ "yeah, let's do THAT".
W~ "But i have been waiting forever! isnt there anything cheaper you can have here?"
M~ " it's ALL so expensive,,,grumble, grumble, grumble.
Enter the waitress.
Wa~ " have you decided?"
M~ " yeah, how in the world do you expect anyone to eat here when you charge what you do? I mean, someone needs to hire some different cooks and lower the prices, it's ridiculous!" ( not entirely sure about the cooks comment)
Wa~ speechless.
W~ "come back in a few and we will see if we can even afford anything here".
After much deliberation and further discussion about the tacos at Jack in the Box, they decide to leave.
The waitress comes over and they tell her they are opting out. 
"Oh, but let us take one more look, we DID just drive ALLLLLLL the way over here just for lunch. Would never have wasted gas if we KNEW how your prices were."
All the while, I am thinking, "please go, please go, please go".
At the last minute, they decide to stay.
Shoot. And that may not have been my actual thought.
W~" I will have a waffle. Plain. oh, with whipped cream"
M~ " I will have the soup and salad combo. But make the salad to go. And I need 3 dressings and rolls to go with it".
W~ "why "to go"?"
M~ " I have a fixed schedule today and I need to get going".
W~ "then why did I waste my gas to meet you if you're in a hurry"?
M~ " well, maybe we could stay a little while longer and then I can order dinner. Cause it will be closer to dinner and I can kill two birds with one stone"

The whole time I am listening to them, I am highly irritated. I just wanted a nice quiet lunch with Dad.
Was that too much to ask?
Apparently so.

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