Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This does not look good......

I am sure I am dying.
There is no other explanation. Well, there is, but that is not acceptable either.
What the heck am I talking about?
Egg Salad is what I am talking about. For starters.
I decided egg salad sandwiches sounded good for dinner tonight.
It's a win -win. I boil enough eggs and I can make the salad and the leftovers will be for my Egg Mustard Salad I am making for friends for dinner on Thursday.
So off to the fridge I go.
Mayo~ check.
Onions ( say it in french with me cause I cannot say it any other way: 'ohneeyun") check
Mustard~ check.
Dill~ check.
Sweet pickles~ none. Wait, what?!?! Where the heck are my sweet pickles? I do not ever, not EVER use dill pickles, not even an option.
SO I trudge 4 feet over to the pantry , all the while KNOWING I have none in there. I open the door and BAM! Straight in front of my face there is a jar of Sweet Pickles!
They were not even lined up in the category of all the other foods. You know....baking goods, canned soups,  soy sauce and assorted other marinades.....etc etc.
They were right in front of me by the orange/tangerine slices, in the fruit section!
Ok, no big deal right? Wrong.
Not only is it a brand I have never seen, I do not recall buying this at all!
And then putting it smack dab in front where I could blatenley see it?
This was a gift from God. Had to be. Either that or I have Alzheimers. 
No joking matter I say. THIS is the unacceptable explanation.
So as I am chopping the pickles up, along with the ohnnyuns, I am still wondering how they even came to be?
So this is what my life has resorted to now? I buy stuff I don't remember and put it where it clearly doesn't belong just on the off chance I may need it?
Isn't there a show called "Hoarders" I could be on?
Now I don't even know if I can enjoy my egg salad for dinner tonight. It has been tainted. By my lack of memory.
Or, I could have a brain tumor and that's why I don't remember.
I told you. Either answer is unacceptable.
Better get me to cook for you while you can...this does not look good.

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