Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Mind Lies

My mind lies to me.
How long this has been going on, your guess is as good as mine.
Today I bought a china hutch from someone on craigslist. I have been scouring the ads every day for the past week looking for just the right piece. That being said,
I just want to say that people have a very high opinion of their stuff.
 And with that, goes grand expectations....of the price they want for said merchandise.
Several I just wanted to call ....:
"yes, is this the party selling the Queen Anne Louis the 18th authentic reproduction hutch?"
" did you graduate high school?"

Scrolling through these ads, I would get all excited when I saw their grandiose descriptions and then when I clicked on the was all I could do to run screaming.
But I digress.
So I found one. And the man was only available this morning, due to his work hours.
I loved it, I bought it.
Little did that nice man know that I would be painting his beloved piece. Yes, I said painting.
Now, I realize some people have this aversion to painting anything wood.
"why can't you just leave it this beautiful golden oak color?"
Cause, I don't wanna.
I don't want to be stuck in Colonial times. I want to be stuck in Pottery Barn times.
So today I primed this bad boy. This is the part where my mind lied.
Considering all the other projects I do in a snap, it told me this one was just one more.
So I painted the primer on. Straight on, upside down,  inside out, and right side up.
Man, there were a lot of corners and "ceilings" to this piece. And lighting fixtures to avoid.
By the time I was done, Every bone and anything resembling a muscle was out for the count.
If can't trust my own mind, who can I trust?

Notice all the shelving, the drawers, the nooks, crannies and any other neck and back breaking induced painting. This was the primer. And I had to remind myself it ws just that. Primer. No one was going to see it Colleen. No need for professionalism here. Then came time for the coats of black paint.

Ahhh. Finally. It took me several days to do the black paint. Several reasons:
1. Michael has this house so dang cold, nothing is gonna set.
2.I am brush strokes for this woman.
3. I may have done 3 coats.
4. did I mention this house is colder than cold? ( gotta save money, you know)

Finally. All done. With the exception of a few touch ups I am sure I will have to do when we lift the hutch part onto the sideboard and unavoidably scratch something, somewhere.
Then the fun part. Putting all my vintage Pyrex pieces in place. I can't tell you how thrilled I will be to actually have some cookware I can use, displayed right there at my fingertips. No more hunting in cabinets,pantries and or garage.
I was lucky enough to find two sets of stacking bowls.(..each starting at 50 dollars on ebay) for 12 dollars each set at my local Value Village. It was all I could do not to shout hallelujah when I saw them on the shelves. True story. Altho, the woman setting it out, did look at me a little longer than I thought necessary.
(Maybe I shouldn't have talked to myself and congratulated myself on such a good find.?)
Then I  acquired a refrigerator set with glass lids thru
Got those for a steal as well.  Annnnd I may be waiting for a few pieces I was lucky enough to get for a song on ebay.
 Ok, I am.
So now I am on the lookout for any and all things Pyrex. You have been warned.
Next time I want to tackle a project this large, will someone tackle ME?
Because we all know, I can no longer trust myself.

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  1. i CANT STAND that aversion to paint wood. sometimes, the way wood is stained, its freaking UGLY!! haha i dont care about the wood grain, i will look at another wooden thing to see that! sheesh people... i love what you did to that hutch!