Saturday, February 4, 2012

Spring, er Winter is still here.

It was/is a beautiful day here today.
 The skies are clear, the air is so fresh ( could be all those fir trees beings chainsawed to death in the last week due to the snow/ice storm) and it feels like a wonderful spring day in Georgia!
But this is Seattle?
Days like this make me long to get out there and pressure wash the patio, the brick wall, and the driveway.
I want to empty pots and refill them with all the succulents that  I have seen pinned on Pinterest.
THEN get my glass globes filled with lights and place them all around the patio .
Ok, I may have placed one globe already.

I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was genius! So off to Goodwill I went and found myself one large globe and one small globe.Yessss!( Remember these light fixtures that no one wants in their kitchens anymore? Yep. these are them.) Total cost for both: 4 dollars.
 Then I put some white lights I had into it and set in into my column planter. One down. One to go. Or maybe more. Depending on what I find at Value Village or Goodwill.
Michael is outside with his brand new " I can move rocks with this baby" blower. Cleaning limb debri and whatever else he can make move with that thing.( No worries, cats are inside and dog is at the groomers)
Makes me want to get ready for summer!
But, chances are good we will have another snow storm before this winter is over.
Good thing I am heading to Alabama/Georgia in 3 weeks! The bugs are not horrific yet , as it is, only winter there. And the temperature will be in the 60's. Nice.
And I plan on hitting all the antique and value stores I can to hunt for my joy.
 Did I mention that I may have an obsession with Pyrex dishes? You know, the kind I hated when I was first married and vowed never to own?
Yeah, that came back to bite me in the a$$.
While I was at Value Village, I saw the lady putting these out on the shelf.(Mine are actually a beautiful lime-ish color) I anxiously waited for her to finish and  I swooped down on them like a vulture!I gotta admit, she looked a little afraid of me.
I got a set of three for 12 dollars. Never mind they are on ebay for 50 dollars and UP! It was an exhilarating day, let me tell you.
Do not judge me.
It takes so little to thrill me and I am quite happy with that.
So now I am on a Pyrex hunt. I am intent on throwing away all my plastic bowls, food keepers and what nots. I am going to be totally Pyrexed.

I am buying a hutch tomorrow morning to put all my newly acquired pieces on so I can have them , right there, at my disposal when I cook.
Thrillled, I tell you. Thrilled.
It must be spring fever.
I blame it all on that.

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  1. It's true, we have had such lovely days in Seattle this past week!