Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Come on( already) Spring!

Come on Spring!
This is one of those Washington days where we all long for Spring to be here. It is raining , more like pouring, outside and the wind is blowing and it's still cold!
I mean, we're used to this kind of weather and all, but come on Spring!
When I was on the road yesterday, this truck in front of me was going suuuuuuper slow. I thought to myself,
" I wonder if they're from Alabama".
I sped up to catch the licence plate not really believing what I just thought but, you know. Worth a check.
Yuuuup! They were from Alabama! No lie!
You see, people from Alabama and Georgia ( yes, I am lumping you all together) tend to , well, freak out when it rains.
They slow waaaaay down. I'm talking 35 mph on the freeway slow down.
It's annoying to us Pacific Northwest people. We know rain.And we know how to drive to drive it.
But today, today is not acceptable to me.
So to help the attitude along , I decided it was time for that "seasonal" change.
Oh yes. I am " one of those".
One of those = someone who changes out the bedspreads, linens, and decor to match the season.
Say what you will, but I will never change. So, put away the faux brown mink and bring back the crisp black/white/lime green ensemble.

Onward to my entry way, I hung my wreath. I love the colors in this thing!

On the sideboard beneath it, I got out just a bit of my easter/spring decor.
My German Easter egg made of paper mache  and Helene's pink glass beaded bunny 
I love nests.....can you tell?
And yes, that is a brooch in that nest. You all know me better than that!
And the one nest I have had for 36 years now is the nest that Michael gave me for our first Easter together.
 It came with a 6 pack of cupcakes. I knew he was the one.

Moving on to my bedroom, I have these bookcases I bought at Pier One that I use as  nightstands.Instead of stacking them on top of each other, I separated them. They are  about 3 feet long and it flanks my bed under each window. They work perfect.  And of course, I HAVE to decorate that!

You may have guessed by now, I have a thing for Cloches. It irritates me that people on Pinterest think apothecary jars are cloches. They are not. Cloches were originally made to protect the seedlings on the farms in Europe from the frost that may have snuck in.
If I had one of THOSE bad boys, I would be in heaven. I might even put my cats under them!
Since I  have no garden or seedlings....I put anything my heart desires in them.
 You can , you know. I said so.
And I had to throw in a flower I made for Breanne's wedding. I have a few left. ( don't get me started on how many I lost at the wedding)

Top it off with a gift tag someone sent me when I ordered from her website ( a gift WITH a gift!)
annnd I am done. I feel better now. Not so dreary , rainy anymore.
Now, back to the kitchen I go. I am cooking dinners for several families tonight.
Why? Because , one day, I may need one.  Simple as that.
Come ON Spring!

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