Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tis the Season....to wait in line at the Post Office

I'm starting to think I'm a magnet for all things unusual, outrageous and things that make you go " whaaaaa?".
I KNEW when I had to go to the post office today that I was going to have blogging material.
I was right.
I know it's Christmas time and I can only feel nothing but sympathy for the postal workers there.
Their clientele, however...the jury is out on that one.
Let's start with the parking lot.
I see a spot. I go for it. Only to have some woman cut me off and take it from me at the last second.
No biggie.
You want it that bad lady, it's yours.
As I walk to the door, there is a gentleman in  a wheelchair to my left ( who is always there) with a donation cup.
To my right is the problem.
Two guys holding Obama posters that have nazi references all over them. One makes eye contact with me.
I learned back in grade school that the best way to get your name called is to avoid eye contact. The teacher always picks the one who is trying the hardest to disappear.
So I make direct eye contact with this guy. He steps directly in front of me and practically SCREAMS:
" we CAN save this country , you know!"
To which I reply:
" Please get away from me NOW."
 With  a smile of course. ( Mind you, I AM a mom and I DO have smiles that really don't mean I am happy!)
He steps aside.
Onward and Inward I go.
There is a line of about 10 people. Not bad.
This post office runs pretty fast, their workers are all on the ball.
I barely come to a stop in this line when a guy 3 people in front of me shouts out:
"how yooooo doing today?!?!?"
I look behind me.
Yeah, he was talking to me. No clue why.
Probably the darling reindeer necklace I have on. Yeah, that's it.
I merrily ( yep, I said merrily) responded in kind and then he proceeded to keep staring at me.
Then the cute little lady in front of me says:

Lady: where did you get THAT neat thing?
Me: uhm, trader joes. Its their reusable grocery bags. I use them for packages.
Lady: no, the white box that says Priority all over it.
Me: ( whaaaaa?) they are right over there ----> and they are free.
Lady: who knew?
Me: I did.

Man three people up chimes in again.
"How's YOUR day going?"
"so far,so good, thanks!"
 He nods his head, keeps staring.
What? Do I have a booger on my face, what?!?!

Let's take a look at the kid ( unattended) who is happily ( at least I didn't say merrily) ripping off all the strips that make the mailing envelopes stick. Where is this kids mom anyway?
Oh, she's at the counter.
She casually looks back and then screams:
To which Jamal ignores.
And continues peeling.
Does no one but me think this is odd and he is destroying government property?!?!
Not a one.
Including his mother.
It's finally my turn and Mr three people ahead is at the counter next to me, still staring.
I already had my customs forms filled out and I had a lovely conversation with the woman working behind the counter.
" Nice job taping this"
"thank you, I even hot glued the seams together"
"wow, wish everyone did that, that will be 61.90 please"

I knew it was going to be a high dollar amount to mail this thing to Spain.
I was prepared.
At least, for the shipping costs.
Not for the clientele.
Never prepared for the clientele.

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