Monday, December 5, 2011

Travel time draws near!

Oh, it's getting to the point where I am pre-packing for my trip to the South!
For the most part, I enjoy traveling. For the most part.
 Like, when I am in a car.
A plane? Not so much.
There are just so many issues with flying.

1.   I feel that one day I am just going to show up at the airport naked. I think this would eliminate all the questions and or issues that TSA may have. Altho, I hesitate because I am just not that into making any local headlines.

2.  The seats are small. Or my boobs are too big. ok....maybe it's the latter....
I always feel the need to apologize to my fellow seatmate. Which, for the most part, is usually a man and he usually doesn't mind. Run with that one where you will.

3.   I am constantly listening to plane noises. I have John Nance to thank for that. 
30 years and 13 thousand hours of flight time as a pilot and aviation crash expert, turned author. I have read every one of his books. ( his secretary was walking by my newly constructed home and asked me for blueprint info, for her boss John Nance! But, that's another story!)
So I find myself watching as the slats manually deploy and listening for any, and I mean, any suspicious noises.
Thank you John

4.   The inconsiderate seat mate in front of me. As he/she not so gently ( never gently) comes careening down upon my tray table. ( see past blogs)

5. Lack of sleep. Not matter what time my flight departs, I can never sleep. Because my friends, I would be THAT woman in the picture . 
I have my dignity to maintain.

I just know I would end up either : 
a. snoring
b. gasping for air as I stopped breathing ( a normal night time experience for me)
c.  or cuddle with my seat mate. Could be very awkward.  For both of us.

6. The flight time is actually 5 hours but feels like 12.  I always have wi-fi and my ipad on hand but the time always drags. Especially when the plane is jammed and every seat is taken. I feel like I need to move around. I always want to be moving. ( chalk it up to the nervous french woman genes I carry) And let's face it, I can't do that.
Some people do. And they are downright annoying. I kinda want to slip my foot into the aisle ever so casually as they come down it for the 137th time. I feel for the misfortunate person sitting in that last row  by the toilets. Man, what did they do to deserve THAT?
So I sit. Obediently and fidget just a bit. I can't help it. I haven't gotten any sleep!!

7. My seat mates. Wow, this is an open ended discussion in itself. You've read my past travel blogs. I would like to think I am not in this category of people. 
Did I just judge?
Yes. I. Did.
I always recall something I read pertaining to talking to people. If they ask, then respond. If they didn't...then don't volunteer the information. Good advice.
Now, if I could just have that advice printed up in a business card, I would be sitting pretty.
-------->"my card?" 

When I am driving , the world's my oyster. 
Unless Danny is driving. Like last year when we drove from Tacoma to Vermont for the holidays. In 5 days.
"ooooh, a Dinasour exhibit! Let's stop there!"
" response......just faster driving......"
"ooooh, that diner makes fresh cones!"
.......faster driving.........
"oooooh, that looks  like a cool antique place!"
You get the gist.
Ok, ok, I know we had someplace to be so I will cut Danny some slack.
Just once.
Next time, we are stopping flipping everywhere!!!
(Why do I get the feeling there is not going to BE a next time?)

So, I have 14 days until I am on another flight. Time to get that suitcase out and pack it so that I will not be charged 200 dollars  for extra weight by Delta.
Funny thing that. I checked in with said luggage going to Atlanta on my last trip.
No problem.
I even left clothing  to be donated to the goodwill when my trip was done.
So, lighter luggage on the return trip home. 
Danny and Breanne dropped me off at the airport and I was the only soul there at the Delta counter. Lugged my suitcase on the scale and they told me it was overweight.
200 dollar fee. 
No lie.  Told them that could not be possible as it was lighter than when I left Seattle!
Then they just stared at me.

I told you I have travel issues.

Going to "under pack now".

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