Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Prep~

Gather round boys and girls and let me tell you a story of an ammmmazing woman.~
She could bake in her sleep, arrange tabletops one handed, cook side dishes with ONE ( gasp!) oven WHILE the turkey was still in there cooking, and look fabulous doing it all. Not even break a sweat.
Then she got old.
The end.
This is where I come in.
What happened to those days? Where the heck did they go? Is this a cruel joke?
I have been reduced to "prepping" for Thanksgiving.
How pathetic is that?
What exactly does that mean ,, you ask?
It means that all the things I use to be able to handle with a flick of a wrist, is long gone.
Dead. Rest in Peace.
And THAT means I have to write lists, anticipate ( whaaaa?) and prepare ahead of time now.
So it was kitchen time for me this morning.
I got my home made rolls all ready to go in the breadmaker. Hey, don't judge. It works WITH me.
Ok, it works FOR me.

1.Homemade rolls, second rising.

I just finished making my turkey brine. If you have not ever done one, my next husband Alton Brown, highly suggests it. And because when my current husband dies, I will marry Alton. And I have to be loyal to him.
Really, it is f.a.n.t.a.st.i.c.
Makes your bird.
2. Brine for turkey: done

Thirty some odd years ago ( be nice!) a good friend  gave me his recipe for Creamed Green Beans. Which I loved. I had never had them before. I have had them every year since. Thank you Tim. Who knew you could influence me so? :)
So, all I have to do tomorrow is incorporate the beans with the Sauce and I am good to go.
3.Green beans: partially done.

Sweet potatoes. You either love them, or hate them.
OR, get a great recipe to change your mind. Which is what happened to me.
My mom used to slap marshmallows on them and call it good.
This, from a french woman.
Not acceptable.
Again, got a recipe from a friend for Sweet Potato Casserole.
You actually mash these  and add butter and vanilla and egg.
Then you smother the heck out of them by adding a butter, brown sugar , pecan topping.
It's not a casserole. It is a dessert. And THAT is why I love them so much.
4. Sweet potato crumb topping: done

Let's face it, A holiday without mashed potatoes, is not a holiday. Put those bakers away, bring on the mashed! I found this recipe years ago ( when I WAS fabulous) and it stuck.
Loaded with everything bad for you.
Ask me if I care.
 Sour cream, cream cheese , white cheddar cheese, chives all moxed and ready to go into the mashed tomorrow.
5. Company Mashed Potatoes: partially done

Ok, I think I need to move on to the tabletop. The need to merchandise and sell this dinner is strong.
But you all know that about me already. I always have to have presentation. So off I go to get my tablecloths,  my velvet pumpkins I made 
and  find that white dove I have.Annnnd the Limited Edition Kahlua Peppermint Mocha liqueur to keep me motivated.  
Tomorrow's another day closer to the "sit down and eat everything I have made in three day, in 20 minutes"

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