Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I am tethered....

So, apparently I am tethered.
Oh, give me a break, I can SEE you shaking your head in disgust!
I am absolutely, completely and irrevocably tethered to the blue window.
You know, technology in a laptop, smart phone and I pad kind of way.
as you know,my Toshiba laptop, a whole 8 weeks old, crapped out on me.
Hard drive down.
Hard drive gone, dead.
Not coming back.
Insert big sigh of disgust here.
I get this phone call from the BestBuy Geeks ( they call themselves that, so I am in the clear)telling me I needed to buy a recovery disk.
Because when this bad boy comes back from the computer hospital in Tennessee, I will need one.
" I beg your pardon?"
" yes ma'am, you will get a new hard drive but there will be nothing on it".
Will someone tell me again WHY I paid for an extended warranty , and I STILL have to buy a recovery disk?
Toshiba says: " we'll ma'am ( there's that stupid word again),
If Best Buy sent it to us, we take care of that free of charge".
" But, they don't".
Of course notttt.
They send to their own depot in Tennessee, and cannot have access to the recovery disks, but they will install it for you free of charge!
Free of charge my a.....
Just like the toshiba guy told me the recoevry disks are free...the shipping is .....
Wait for it......
Yeah, they're serious.
That lovely gentleman obviously picked up on the tone in my voice and tried to get me to re- route the laptop to them instead of Tennessee.
insert hysterical laughter here.
Then picture a Toshiba employee at a loss for words.
Uncomfortable silence and then a paltry attempt to pacify me.
Oh, I know it's not his fault but give me a flipping break here!
I buy your product, it dies in 8 weeks and I have warranty up the you know what and I still have to purchase something to get it to working order again.
Technology is awesome, I truly love it.
I just hate being without it.
Yeah, yeah, I am doing this from my iPad but, have you seen the screen size?
Having to wait for my husband to come home so I can use his laptop to get my "fix" is pathetic.
I feel like I'm
on restriction and have to wait until dad gets home.
All,I have to say is ...get used to this rant.
My laptop will not come home to roost for another 2 weeks.
To this, my husband says : why don't you buy your own iMac laptop?
Hellllllllo, have he seen how much they cost? Did we come into some money he's not telling me about?
And before you think he is offering to buy me one, he is not. He wants me to buybitnwith my own earned money.
I really need to win the lottery.
cause then I am buying me a mammmajammma iMac and then going on a vacation...without my husband.

P.s. everyone who knows me, knows I always say this when I get mad:
" that sucks my left nut"...
Yeah, it's not ladylike but it's so tame in comparison to what I COULD be saying.
Then they say :
" but, you don't have a left nut"
To which I say : " exactly!!!!!"

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