Wednesday, November 23, 2011

One day closer!

This is it.
The final countdown. Everything has to happen ( with the exception of the turkey, which is in his brine bath ) today for things to happen tomorrow.
Ok,so let's start this day off ----------->with a can opener that breaks upon opening my first can. Never mind I have a kajilion others to open.

Now I have to get dressed and go to the store to buy a new one. Which may sound like an easy task for you reading this.
Not so.
There is just something comforting about knowing you can cook in your jammies without makeup on and hair did. Until you need to go to the store.
Crap. This now means a whole ( draw out the word with me ......whhhhhoooooooolllle) regiment of getting ready to be presentable to the public.
Why do I bother you ask?
Pffft. Because everyone knows that the moment you step out in public in grub clothes and no makeup is THE time you bump into someone from high school, an old boyfriend, a hot guy in aisle 7.....
you get where I'm going with this. ( for my women're welcome for the Gerard pic....but just so you know, he's mine)
This is not what I planned today. I was supposed to get everything  assembled and ready to be baked and THEN get go to Nordstrom.
I was supposed to go to Nordstrom yesterday to pickup my wonderful biscotti that Rhonda makes me every year.
"oh yeah, I will be there after 10 am Rhonda!".
I forgot to go.
So I am supposed to go there after 3 oclock today.
But this just messes up everything.
Oh, to be a guy who just has to put a shirt and a pair of pants  and gooooo.
My men friends out you  know how lucky you have it to be able to do that?
This is me walking start the beautification process.
Big sigh.............

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