Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas~!

Cue the Christmas music, the Christmas 24 hour movie channel and the baking, Christmas time is officially here!
And no,this is not a tree in my yard, sigh. This is a tree at Zoo Lights, Point Defiance Park, Tacoma , Wa. Which just so happens to be where I live.
 Not at the zoo, mind you. Altho, that seems to be debatable at times.
This year, my husband is thankful he does not have to go into the attic and haul down the 24 bins and or totes I have of Christmas supplies.
 Because I will be joining Breanne and Danny in Alabama for the holidays, yay!
 Michael will join us a few days after Christmas. Work /duty/ doctors call, and he must answer.It's a super busy time of year with people trying to make that dental coverage fiscal deadline.
 For those of you who think it's a breeze owning your own me. I have a bubble to pop.
The hours are never your own and the vacations are something  taken by your employees. When we DO manage to get Michael out and away from the lab, we know he worries about production and quality control.
But we do our best to get him out of there when we can.
So he will be with Breanne, Danny and I  to ring in the new year!
Mitch will be spending Christmas in Pamplona ( think "running of the bulls"..)with his good friends and their parents. Sooo nice of them to take him in for the holidays.
So we will be missing each other at Christmas this year.
Kind of an odd feeling.
I mean, I KNEW this would happen. I just didn't see myself aging this fast!
So, for now I pacify myself with a little decor around the house. I drug out my Starbucks display tree that I was fortunate enough to get one year when Mitch worked at Starbucks.
 I told him all I wanted for Christmas was those display trees. '"we can't do that Mom, those things are required to go into the trash after the holidays".
What? Seriously? The company throws away their displays? What a huge waste.
Sooo, I pretended I didn't hear him when he told me that and just said " all I want for Christmas is those display trees".
I don't make things easy, do I?
So the day after Christmas, when he was done working, he waited out back where the garbage bins were and when his boss came out, she relented and gave them to him.So he got me two trees. Bless his heart. ( I really didn't give him much choice , did I?)

( sorry about the sideways view, I cannot figure out how to turn it!)
So off I go around the rest of the house, adding Christmas where I can without the mass surplus coming from the attic.
Next stop, entry way. I love Cloches. I would put everything under a glass dome if I could. I have no clue why.....I just blame it on the french side of me. They used them for their gardens all the time waaaaaay back in the day. I try not to buy every one I see. It's a burden.
Did I mention that this year, I have this unnatural obsession with deer and glitter? I do.
If this called for a show of hands, I would raise both of mine. 
What I realllllly want is a deer head. 
A form of course. So I can glitter it to death. hahahhaaa. ( I crack myself up.)
Maybe the obsession is really the glitter! It waxes nostalgia in me. I love it. So vintage.
And I grew up with it. When I was young, a ton of Christmas stuff was "glitterized". 
Then it became "tacky" and fell by the wayside.
Well, I am a one woman show here to bring it back. Ala deer.
So, if you happen to have a deer head form laying around somewhere you no longer need, consider me your best friend.
Will bake/cook/create for barter.
Moving on to the dining room.
I liked my dove that I used at Thanksgiving so much that I decided to let him/her (no, I am not turning it over to check) stay for awhile.

(Dog gone it, how do I turn these things right side up? Anyone?)
Anyway, I used Michael's mom's marble fruit in my display here. She had these things forever and we kept them. Heavier than heavy, I hope Zabu doesn't decide to "bat" any of those around. 
I am going for the "simple, yet stated" look.  Again, notice the glitter "joy"?
Told you.
Glitter is gonna make a comeback, dog gone it.
I'll admit, I may have glittered a deer necklace I bought this weekend.
Ok, I did.

And I may have added the pearls and rhinestones as well. 
Yeah, you know me well. Any piece of jewelry I buy always becomes dismantled and morphs into something different. 
Come January, I am going to be brain dead. All this creativeness will stop. Or, at least, slow down considerably.
And for that, I know you're all very thankful.
This will be the only time I will ever admit I may get out of hand from September through December.
But let me tell you, I already have some killer ideas for the new years eve party we will have in Alabama!


  1. i decorate with gold and silver glitter for christmas every year. i have glitter deer on my mantle, a glitter "NOEL", glitter birds, glitter trees, glitter candles, glitter ornaments... for me, its the only way to go!!

  2. Oh Lillie, a girl after my own heart!