Sunday, October 9, 2011


What? What do I mean by that title, you say?
Simple. Ahhhhh and organization.
 Hey, it's the best I could do.
Because I don't know if any of you have noticed or anything, but, yep, I am old.
Things ( and by "things", I mean everything) just don't come easy to me anymore.
And nowadays, it's the little things that please me.
Thank goodness.( I wonder if God does that on purpose....figures He's given you so much already, what's it gonna take to thrill you anymore?)
Oh, and I ramble too.
Quite the package I am.
So, back to organizing.
I have decided that since my nest is empty, the birds have chosen other far away roosts, I should whip mine back into shape. Oh. This is going to take a while. But one step at a time!

First stop :Glassware! Time to throw our the mismatched and buy anew!
Alllllll aboard!
I can just hear some of you right now..."what is she talking about, my glassware already matches?".
Wellll, aren't you lucky?
I blame myself and my husband.
Partially myself because I buy what appeals to my eye. And it if only comes in a matching set of 3, then so be it. It comes home with me. Point in case, I saw a fan-tas-tic set of glasses at Metropolitan Market. There's your first clue. Each glass was 5 dollars.
So I bought one. Just for me. And my sweet tea.
Partially Michael because he likes to keep a handle on the finances. No expensive registered glassware from Nordstrom for me. " what are we, royalty?"
So I bought some great glassses from Libby ( libby, libby, on the label, label, label) ( that was from a commercial a lonnnnnnnng time ago for you young people reading this.)
They are called Samba. I love the way they feel in your hand and they came with on the rocks glasses as well.
Yes, boxed sets.
See Michael's remarks above.
So this afternoon, I cleaned out the glassware cabinet. Don't get me wrong.....he still wants me to keep certain glasses: like the one from Doogers that he swears Daniela stole for us on our anniversary ( I say she bought it), his Gin glasses Mitch brought him home from work, his heavier than crap beer glass beer steins.( in case I am ever robbed, I am going for those bad boys, they weigh a ton! Great weapons!)
 You get the picture.
"and keep the plastic ones, you gotta keep the plastic ones".
Sigh. Yes, I'll  keep the plastic ones.
But! My cupboard is now organized and everything on the shelf matches!  ( the first shelf, the other two are for the "others"...see above)
I bought 16 of each. I am so proud.
Come on over, have a drink!

Next Stop: Dishes! I have already begun the weeding out process and donated a ton of bowls and plates to the Goodwill. I just have to take Michael  with me to help pick out what he will want to eat on every other night. ( what, you thought I cooked every day ? Pffft.)

Last stop: Silverware! Yes!!!
I have about two drawers full of  mismatched silverware. I swear my husband inherited that gene from his mother that allows you throw away NOTHING!
But, it's a differrent story now. I am also on the hunt for the perfect 20 piece setting.
And because I shop at Marshalls, it's gonna take awhile. But I will prevail.
I can't wait for the day when I have all three done!
Did I just end that with an exclamation point?
I TOLD you I was old!

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