Saturday, September 3, 2011

All I made for the wedding

Hard to see but I had this hanger made: Mrs. LeBlanc....nice keepsake!
Was very happy with how these all turned out. Labors of love they were!
Saw this cake in and asked Cortney to replicate it. She did a fantastic job!
I bought this ampersand and painted it black. Thought it would be great for pictures!

I made Danny's boutonniere from a silk petal and added a small brooch to make his brides. I made all the men's this way.


Map hearts to sprinkle coming down the aisle, scrabble tile holders painted black at each place setting, hand cut, sealed roses :45 made, to put on tables, necklace for myself, programs with maps cut out and glued on sticks for fanning, ribbon wreath for front door of club, talk bubbles out of foam board and sprayed painted, throw away bouquet, bridesmaids bouquet and brides bouquet . Breanne's bouquet consisted of heirloom brooches from her grandmothers, vintage pieces and pins I picked up along the way. I finished it with black ostrich feathers.

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