Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I'd REALLY like to Do/Say

For the last several weeks, I have been obsessed with something.
Say, for instance, wouldn't it be fantastic, if for one day a year, we could actually say what we wanted with no ramifications?
As in no ramifications, I mean the next day we wouldn't recall what was said? Or maybe just that it wouldn't be so hurtful? I have no clue what I mean.
I do know that not being able to say something is frustrating to say the least.
So maybe I will just give goes:

1. If your going to accept the 100 dollars a head invitationto a wedding( or ANY dollar a head invitation)
: at least bring a card. Pretty simple.
What position does that put the bride in? " I am calling because I cannot find your card...did you bring one?" Not.

2 .Just because it's an open bar, does not give you the go ahead to line em up. Seriously?
Ain't you got no upbringin?

3. Same goes for the hor's de houevres. They are meant to TEASE the appetite, not appease it.

4. The decor was just that...decor. Not meant for you to take it home. Unless you ask me. Sheesh.

5. Manners.....remember those? How about instilling them in your child? Because when they're adults, not so attractive.

6 t.v.'s are NOT, I repeat, are NOT babysitters. Oh, I don't mean about the occasional " I need a break" thing, I am talking having one in their rooms so they can get away from you, at all hours of the night.

7. Never let a child walk away from you and your conversation while giving you the stare down.
Who in the h#ll is the adult here?

8.Yelling and berating your child in public and/or in front of anyone, is sociopathic. There is always a better way to reprimand your child.( Like in private, hello). SO as not to inflict anymore psychological damage than they already have.

9.. Letting your child have free rein is not acceptable. Every child wants guidelines. Guidelines show them we care enough to actually follow through with what we say. Best ever overheard saying: " so and so's Mom never makes them have a curfew"..."well, I love you more than that".

10. If you have gotten good service, then tip like you did! Waitstaff make their salary on tips. The state laws here in Washington tax all tips. So if you make 8 dollars and hour and make 300 in tips, those tips are taxed. Never mind you had to split that tip with the chef, hostess and other staff. So you are taxed on that wonderful 4 dollar tip a table just left you on a 70 dollar bill after working with that table for 70 minutes. Wonderful. In Utah, state requires waitstaff to make minimun wage at 2.40 an hour AND get taxed on their tips as well. It's a wonder anyone even works in the food service industry. Please, TIP well!!

11. I got no more. At least none I can openly talk about. For fear of ramifications. That pretty much sums it up. Boy, sure wish I could tho.

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