Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New name contest

I am thinking of re-naming myself.
It becomes, oh so apparent when you see my legs and arms.
It would appear that I am allergic to not only fleas, but mosquito bites as well.
I discovered this after much research on Google.
As I stated in my previous blog, the benadryl gel has been depleted due to the massive invasion of invisible mosquito bites.
I STILL have yet to see the dang things. But I feel them.
Boy do I feel them.
I don't think going in public today is going to be such a good idea.
I've tried several remedies that people have suggested.
Salt/water paste, baking soda, over the counter medications, toothpaste, cocaine.
Ok, not cocaine, I was just seeing if you were paying attention.
But at this point, I might not be adverse to it.
As of this moment, I sit here with 28 mosquito bites that have left me with little sleep, unable to focus on anything but the painful itching and welts.
And covered in toothpaste.
Great, now I have to go to the store to get more toothpaste for it's original intention.
*insert small children and sensitive adults screaming in horror here when they catch a glimpse of my limbs*
Poor Zailey.
What do I say to her when she wants to ride her bike outside today?
"Not today honey...or any other day for that matter"???

So, if you do not like my new name for myself, I am open to suggestions.
Be kind, I am already in enough distress.

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