Saturday, January 15, 2011

Adapt, Adaptable, Adapting

The dictionary tells me the definition of the word
Adapt is:
"to make suitable to, fit for a specific situation".

Welcome to my world.
I am all about adapting, conforming, accommodating, adjusting, fitting, altering, changing, varying and reconciling.
How's that for a word of the day? Or I should say "words".
Either way. they are all verbs.
And like it or not, they are me right now. I am those verbs.
I used to think that John Lennon's quote "life is what happens when you make plans" was a good one.
Now I AM that quote.
When I gave birth to my children, I had dreams for them.
Grand dreams. Wonderful lives filled with no strife, no pain and no worries.
And then they grew up. And became owners of their own dreams.
How does that happen? What do you mean I am no longer in control of such?
When did I become a verb?
When I became a mother of adult children, that's when.
So now their lives are in their hands and their futures are for them to plan and nurture.
I am learning to adapt. To adjust to stepping to the side and watching these things happen and not make them happen anymore.
It has been a sad transition, but more importantly, it is filled with possibilities and hope for them.
Because it really is "all about them" now.
This is their time.
A time for marriage, a time for relocating, a time for adventure.
So I am changing how I look at things and reconciling myself to the fact that I can still be a part of those adventures, just not the key player.
And that's ok.
Because it means I am gaining a son-in-law whom I love, a daughter who has joy, a son who I will live vicariously thru in his European travels and life beginning adventures and possibilities of grandchildren to spoil and adore.
So maybe change is not such a bad thing after all.
And I can only say this because I have had my pity party.
Decorated with tears and ugly crying, as Misty calls it. But, that party was a dud.
And I am ready to get better invites to much better parties now.
Bring it.

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