Monday, December 27, 2010

Road Trip!

December 12th 10 am~ I left on a cross country trip for a LeBlanc Christmas with Danny and Breanne. Destination: New Hampshire.
Let the fun begin~Danny and I took turns driving. Don't even ask why Breanne didn't drive, that might be a sore subject. Just sayin....
So we started the drive down into Oregon to avoid the snow that was sweeping our mountains. It was all clear and good until I hit the fog from Hell. Danny was sleeping in the backseat while Breanne was listening to me slightly freak out. I could only go about 40 mph and could not see the lights directly in front of me. It was hairy. Then I would come out of it, breathe and BAM! It would hit again. Sheesh. I thought Oregon would never end. From there we entered Idaho, Wyoming and then to Nebraska to pick up Zailey, Danny's daughter. We got there Monday night at 9 pm.
We left Tuesday morning and drove thru Iowa, Illinois and Indiana towards Ohio. And then we picked up Cindy, Danny's sister on Wednesday. By the way, I want it known that Danny may possibly be a traveling nazi. So many, ( well, maybe not THAT many) places I would loved to have pulled over to see or take pictures of, but we were on a mission to get to New Hampshire by Friday. Some of those long stretches of road were just traveling behind a semi, passing him in the left hand lane and then pulling back into the right lane to travel behind another semi. Repeat as neccesary. Loooonng stretches. Where we saw antelope, cool mesa's, sang Christmas songs to the top of our lungs, pulled into truckers pit stops to run to the bathroom and or eat.
I loved it. All of it. The conversations, the singing, the staring at landscapes while Danny drove.
I have never been to the East coast with the exception of waaayyy down there Florida.
Now I have.
New Hampshire was pretty. Danny did his best impersonation of a tour guide and hit all the spots. There was snow everywhere BUT the roads. (What? How cool is that? )The roads were totally clear. Now, THAT is a great way to have snow!
And I discovered that when it snows.....they call it "spitting". We call it snowing. Go figure.
No schools closure, no traffic snarls. What, with clean roads....they have it made.
Celebrating Christmas and meeting all Danny's brothers, sisters, Mother and all the nieces, nephews, cousins and friends made for a busy schedule every day.Different cities and restaurants and gift shops galore!
And each day ended in our hotel rooms playing Uno for money ( try it before you judge) and a game called Encore.
Turns out that when you are pressured to remember a can't. Fun and frustrating game.
Out trip ended with a delay at the Boston airport for our flight home. We voluntarily got ourselves bumped and in return, were rewarded with a 500 dollar voucher, an overnight at the Embassy Suites and food vouchers, and first class to Seattle the next morning!
A good ending to a wonderful 12 days! As soon as I figure out how to upload pics from my camera, I will post the pictures!

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