Sunday, November 7, 2010

Facebook status~

In the last 2 months, I think I may have achieved Facebook status.
Yes, I have managed to get myself deleted from two FB friends!
No worries as you read this, this is not going where you think it is~.
I am actually quite relieved.
Ok, happy. Maybe even estatic!
I truly believe that in the course of a lifetime in a relationship, there are ebbs and flows.
But sometimes, just sometimes, you meet a person that serves a purpose in your life for that particular time in your life. And we grow. And we change. And we move on.
Not to say that the relationship wasn't fun, good, and so on. Just that it has reached it's peak and it's time.
( insert evil sound of " dum, dum, dummmm")
Time to move on.
And I have been trying to move on from these particular people and just did not have the male parts to take that step.
So when I discovered that they deleted ME.....I was thrilled.
As I have said in past blogs, friendships are not about owning someone, being accountable to them when they dictate it to be so and be so demanding. ( Listen, you don't get to have the last word in my life, I do. You don't get to shut me out because I am not reacting like you want.)
The true and best friendships can ride the waves of time and change and morph and adapt along the way. I have those. You know who you are.
That is one of the things I like about Facebook. I can be as in depth or as casual as I like with whomever I want to talk with....or don't.
But if you think for one moment that I am going to be all hurt and weepy that you have deleted me. . . uhm, no.
I am not.
I am not into drama and that's why I have no stage.
Thank you for kicking me off yours!
*skips away happily*