Sunday, October 24, 2010

I think that I might be able to commit a crime and get away with it.
I have been creating these really cool cabbage roses from satin and I seal the edges with a flame. I have now successfully managed to remove all fingerprint ridges from my thumb and index finger.
I have been hand stitching the beads so there is no glue residue and may have crippled my hand as well. All in the name of creating.
I learned how to make these flowers at the beginning of the year and decided to sell a garden of them at a boutique I am going to be at in November. I have come up with a way to use these roses in a variety of ways with no pin holes to mar your clothing and accessorize your jewelry.
Feels good to complete something that looks so nice. Because I have seen my share of glue spiders and poor material that some flowers have.
So,if you have the perfect bank heist lined up, you may want to give me a ring. Because not only will my fingerprints not be found, but the flowers on my clothing will stand out nicely on the security cameras....

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