Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ahhh, Fall. . . . . .

As it so happens, it is a beautiful day here in Lakewood , Washington.
Yes, I said beautiful!
The sun is shining , there was a crane by the pool earlier, there is a smell of fresh baked coconut rice in the oven, and most importantly, it is not raining.
Wait, what?
A crane? Yes, a crane! By my pool! Just chillin!
He stayed there for about 20 minutes and then ever so casually lifted up into a semi flight~semi hop onto the roof where he outlooked his world.
Man, you'da thought I'd never seen a crane before.
Reason for that, I haven't! Not up close like that~
Coconut rice you say?
Yeah. That is what I said. When I was a youngster my mom always made this wonderful rice, brown sugar, coconut milk thing that we loved. So I decided to make some today. I cooked my sweet rice in coconut milk, than added mochi ( rice flour) and brown sugar and butter and coconut and baked it.
It will set up so that you cut it onto squares. Yum.

And as I sit here and blog, my neighbor is going to get his mail.
By tractor. Yup.
He lives 2 doors down from me and he takes his tractor to the main road to get his mail every day.
Now, before you say "oh, well, it's to the main road", consider that the main road is approximately one block.
Uh huh. And no, even tho he is older, he is not crippled. The man builds rock walls in his backyard, thus the tractor.
Good thing I don't have a mailbox at the main road or I might be hitchin a ride with him.
Just sayin......

And finally, I have posted a picture of the things I am making for my boutique in November for those of you who asked....stay tuned!

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  1. The coconut rice sounds amazing. I think you should sell it at your booth. At least for me. ;)