Thursday, September 23, 2010

That time of year~

Because I have been blessed with my Mother's genes,(yeah, I haven't always felt that way)
I have always been creative.
Now, don't get me wrong, that is not conceit. Trust me, coming from a french womans point of view, sometimes this can be very upsetting.
This is the time of year when anything and everything creative in my brain gives birth to a whirlwind of ideas.
And it doesn't stop until December 31st. Sometimes.
What the heck am I rambling about?
I make. I paint. I design. I cook. I get annoying. ( "get" you say?)
I see table napkins and immediately KNOW they would make great valances on the point over a curtain rod.
I see shapes of bottles and KNOW that , emptied, would be great filled with something other than the original purpose.
I see blank canvases and KNOW I can whip up a painting in about 45 minutes.
I see cool branches and KNOW I can hang them in my foyer from the ceiling with tiny white lights lit up in them.
I see some charms and buttons and KNOW it would make a great ring.
Getting the picture? Those who know me also know that this is the onset of such a season.
Right now.

Which is why I have booked a boutique booth at a holiday fair thing in Puyallup this November.
I have made necklaces ( not your normal, boring, blase' grandma stuff) and mass rings to sell.
I also have made cakeplates and cupcake plates galore. (THAT is a whole other story!)I see tacky plates and glorify them into a new existence as a cake plate.
I am sure they are eternally grateful when that cake sits on them.
I will post a reminder to those for you who want to come in October!
Initially, I was planning on putting it all on Etsy but as soon as I make them, I have sold them!
Time to get busy making some jewelry...and maybe some cake plates!


  1. Um.... can we get a sneak peek???

  2. First and foremost, I need to say that I see all the same creative things when I look at your list above, then my manic stage is over and it all goes to pot...LOL. Also I need to take exception to your comment about "not your boring blase' GRANDMA stuff. Ok nevermind, my kids will rat me out on that one, I pretty much am. Any way, do remind me when it's time for your booth. I'd love to see how the manic stage can come to fruition. Hahahah.

  3. What?! Boutique booth?! I can't wait. You can already count on me as one of your first customers.