Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's a Red Pepper Jelly day!

Ok, so life has been hectic for me the last month or so....uhm, maybe for longer than that.
I can just hear some of you saying to yourselves :" the last month? sheesh she's always busy".
I am not. Maybe I am. Just a little.
Is it so bad to want life to slow down just a little so I can soak in the days?
Wouldn't it be great if we had the ability to "slo-mo" certain moments down so we could step back, analyze, bask and go to sleep with a big fat smile from that video?
Like a Hogwarts picture! Take the picture to remember the occasion, then play it back so as to see what the occasion was all about! Yeah, that's it! I want that!
What's that you say? T'aint possible Colleen"?
Sigh....maybe one day....

I started out this week with an agenda every day. Today had another. But, it opened up for me and because I just can't sit and do nothing ( with the exception of a beach, of course), I decided it was and IS a red pepper jelly day.
That's right. You read correctly.
I am making my famous red pepper jelly.
Famous? Well, I think it is. So that makes it so.
(I gave some to a very picky french woman who went nuts for it, THAT was my affirmation)
If you've never had it, I beg for an open mind.
It has a sweet heat flavor that goes perfect with soft cheeses and crackers, as a marinade for chicken wings and the list goes on.
The pot is on the stove now, the red peppers are boiling down to nothing and the sweet smell is delicious. And for those of you who are faint at heart about "canning"...there is something on the market just for you!
I buy these Bell plastic jelly jars with the screw on boiling,no water seal, just pour and screw the lid on. Presto. Done. Fabulous.
One of my friends told me she just canned 70 jars of peaches and it made my back ache just thinking about it!
This is easy stuff folks. And so goood.
And so one of my "do nothing" days turned out to "do something."
But that's a good thing.
(I'm pretty sure Martha Stewart stole that line from me.)


  1. Sounds delicious!!! That "picky french woman" wasn't my mother-in-law, was it?? :)

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  3. Trust me Julie, this woman makes my mom and your mother in law looks like imposters as french women! She actually called me today wondering where her jar is~