Monday, June 7, 2010


Sooo, I might have started my vacation a little too soon in the airport bar.
I was just happily going along with the rest of the gang and getting a celebatory drink before we boarded. Little did I know that I was getting a double shot of Patron in my happy little strawberry margarita. But my body knew. In about 20 seconds flat after the first sip. Yeah, I provided the entertainment for the next 20 minutes. Not gonna lie.
Think I might have fallen asleep for just a minute before we left the runway. And I do not sleep on planes. Hate to fly. Hate it. Pretty much because I usually end up with one gigantic boob by the time we deplane. Such fun.
Fast forward to the Fairfield Marriot hotel. Not a bad hotel. Nothing extraordinary but it served the purpose. I thought the lime and lemon filled water dispensers they had by the elevator was a lovely touch.
Turns out, it wasn't. Why do I have such a problem with other states/countries water?!?!? Oh yeah, thank you Mexico. ( another story entirely)
The hotel was a half mile from Disneyland. ( I google-mapped it) Not bad. But not fun in the heat we had either. I went from a wet and cold 54 degrees (if I am being generous) to a hot and hotter 80 something. No time to adapt.
We were so excited to get into Disneyland Thursday night. Ok, maybe that was me.
I just wanted to get to the Plaza Inn so I could get some dinner and then people watch. I should have known something was up when I got my amazing fried chicken dinner and found a table outside. Oh, and just in time for the parks fireworks display too! Ooooh!!
Wait? Doesn't that mean the park is closing? Uhm, yeah. It was. I sat down at 8:30 to eat and the park closed at 9 for "Grad Night". Seriously?!? No waaaayy. I just walked a mile to get here!
I wasn't even greedy when the gal offered me an additional piece of chicken! Now I know why she did.
Dang it. ( to be continued)

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