Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Disneyland, Here we come!

Right now, the countdown is at 9 days.
Nine days until I am IN Disneyland with Breanne, Shellie and Michelle!
I decided to take Breanne to get away and have some fun. The last time I was there was about, oh, 16 years ago? I am so due.
No children, no men. just us women. Doing what we want, when we want and how we want.
That means Teacup rides with no men rolling their eyes at us. And if your a man reading this, you know your rolling your eyes right now!
I gotta hecka deal for us~ airfare and hotel ( Fairfield Marriot) was a mere $317. How could I resisit? Of course, Vegas was my first choice but the money seems to fly out the wallet a little ( ok, a LOT) quicker there. So it's off to Walt's fun land for us. I checked the forecast and the weather is a wonderful 75-90 degree variance. Let's see, can I live with that?
I can live with that.
Do I have red and white polka dotted clothing to take with me? So I can look like Minnie?
Oh, I know you think I do! But, I don't. If alcohol was allowed, then it might be do-able.
Not gonna lie, actually thinking of buying a pen shaped like a flask.
(If you work at Disney, I want it known that I never actually said that I was going to take it INTO Disneyland, now did I? Or, for that matter, never said I bought it either.
Just a disclaimer.)
I bought this package on ebay from an employee there that gave me all kinds of tips for my stay there. 5 bucks bought me some great advice! I asked Michael to print it out for me. He called me and said, "um, no. you won't be getting that printed". What? Why?
Because it was 277 pages long! Great deal for 5 bucks!
Did I hit up ebay and buy some disney limited editions pins for us to trade with employees there? M A Y B E......Don't you judge me! Like I said, free to be total dorks on this vacation!
Looking forward to laughing and walking our butts off. ( Wouldn't it be so cool to actually be able to DO that?)
Watch out Minnie, Ariel, Nemo.....here we come!

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