Sunday, May 16, 2010

Giant Clam Shells

For years now I have lusted after the Giant Clam Shell.

I must have one.

And I am not ready to give up my quest. So, I turn to you in search of one.

Do you know what I am talking about...the humongeous clam shell that someone had in their backyard or inside their home?

I used to know someone who had one everywhere I looked. Problem was, I was 12 and could have cared less about the couple who came from the Phillipines and threw these things in their backyard. Didn't they realize they were on Washington and not on the islands anymore?

Oh what I would give to have one of those now.

They are available, don't misunderstand.

For a price. A pretty price. Roughly around 200 dollars not including the same in shipping costs. I don't want one that bad. Ok, maybe I do but I cannot justify spending the money.

And by justify I mean part with.

But I know that I would give one a wonderful home and it would be cherished until the day it died. Oh wait, it's already a goner, so that doesn't fly. Nevertheless, I would cherish it.

Why do I want one so?

I really couldn't tell you. I just know I have been obssessed with them for the longest time now. I currently have "faux" ones around the pool area and I like them and all, but.....

they are no substitute for the real gems of the sea.

I attribute it to my genetics.

Yeah, that's it.

Somewhere deep down inside, the Islander in me is longing for a giant clam shell because my ancestors were surrounded by them.

So I plead with you all, if you have a connection, know someone, know where one can be easily "borrowed" ( did I just condone stealing??)

or whatnot, to let me know.

Because I fear the obsession is just picking up pace. And I don't know where this may end.

Probably with a trip to Florida.

Oh, one can hope.

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  1. Man i thought of you when we were in Costa Rica because i saw LOTS of these in stores and was pondering a way to get one back to you... no such luck. for some reason, i feel like i always see them in antique stores. have you looked? might not be as expensive. i will look the next time i go to my favorite one in port orchard.