Monday, June 7, 2010

Disney continued.....

In my dejected state of Disney closing for grads, I relunctantly meandered back down main street. No easy feat this, as thousands of people were doing the same. Pretty sure I saw tears. Oh wait, maybe those were mine.

We proceeded en masse like lemmings and headed to Downtown Disney. Lots and lots of cool stuff, if we could see it through the kajillions of bodies that also wanted to make the moment last.

Michelle and I decided that a caramel apple would be just the trick to boost our dejectedness. You know where this is going......

We have the candy/bakery store in sight. We move towards it. Just as the employee on the other side is also moving towards the CLOSE up. Noooooooooooo!
Oh yes. She got there first.
They were closed. And the caramel apples seemed to taunt us from the inside. " Not tonight ladies, we are safe from you tonight!"
We walk away (I might have stomped) and half heartedly feigned interest in the other stores. When we came back to the candy store, we noticed some people had opened the door and walked in! What!?!? I caught Michelle's eye and we both booked for the door! YES! ! !
We made it! I kept expecting the candy police to come over to us, announce our intrussion and politely kick us out. With smiles on their faces, of course.
But no, they sent someone to the door to lock it. Smart moves folks, shoulda thought of that last time! Buwhahahhaaa.
We got our treats. We were happy. And if your thinking "it takes so little". are right.
And thank goodness for that.
Before we left, I researched a few things and discovered that there is "tradition" that happens at Disneyland that I never knew about.
Pin Trading.
The employees wear these lanyards that have Disney pins attached. The deal is ,if you want a pin they have on this lanyard, you must first give them a Disney pin to exchange. Disney pins all have this mouse eared black backing and it must be a Disney pin.
Ok, sounds fun enough. So I went to Ebay ( don't you judge me) and bought 15 pins ( all certifiable of course) for 25 bucks. This lady was selling her collection. Cool! I'm in!
So I doled out the pins to Breanne and Michelle and Shellie to trade. I have to admit, it was fun to do! I found myself eye balling employees to see if they any cool pins I wanted. And they did! And the best part? They can't refuse! Unless it's not a disney pin!
I had no problem approaching an employee with a gleam in my eye and point blank asking them to show me their pins. I discovered that if they wore a green lanyard, then only kids could exchange with them. Dang it. ( If they have a grad night, why can't they have an Adult only night?)
This prompted many fun conversations with cast members. Where one got us second row seats to the Aladdin show (! which was an amazing production!) and one got me some interesting info on pins. Some are limited editions, some are only when a certain trip is booked, some when an occasion is to be celebrated etc etc. What a great marketing plan this idea was! The pins start at 6.95 and go up to 20 dollars or so. They even have lanyard sets to buy with your favorite characters and or movie. I bought one pin that had Bambi AND Thumper on it so I could actually get TWO pins for it, smart huh? That's how I roll.
At one point, I had to tell the cast member " Nothing personal, but you don's have what I want".
Which got quite the smirk.
Yes indeedy, that was a fun thing to participate in. I might have my own lanyard with 12 pins on it. Maybe.
One limited edition one too. Maybe.
Don't you judge me.
To be continued..............

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