Wednesday, June 9, 2010

California Adventure

Friday, June 4th~It is our first full day at Disneyland and we decide to spend the day at California Adventure. I loved it there. Just for the fact that it was all new to me and something to explore~

Against my better judgement, I was coerced into going on the California Screamin'. At blast off you'll go from 0-55 mph in 4.7 seconds. Twists and turns with a 108 foot drop ( at which point I freely admit to swearing at the top of my lungs) and an upside down loop through Mickey's ears! I still do not understand why people get a thrill out of having their stomach drop to their feet.....because I do not. Nope. Not even one little bit. But I bit the bullet and went on this for the sake of not being called a "wussy". Yes, I succumbed to peer pressure. Now, move on.

From there we decided to go on Mickey's Fun Wheel. Ok.....misrepresentation of that name, that's for sure! There were two types of gondolas. The stationary that do not rock and the swinging gondolas slide back and forth along the spokes of the wheel. If you are prone to motion sickness and or scared of away. Which is what I should have done. At the moment our car got to a certain point, the car slid along the rail and I was so dang scared! It rocked and slid and I wanted off! The only saving grace was there were two young girls in the car with us who were just as scared as I was.....misery loves company. And of course, Breanne wanted to rock and slide the car even more so than it already was. Like the screamng and near tears wasn't enough of a thrill for her!

Onward to Toy Story mania! A cool ride where you sit in a car and shoot at targets. I loved that. Must have been the gamer in me coming thru! What, who got high score you say? Oh yeah, that would be ME!!!

We meandered over to Ariel's Grotto to have a great lunch in the bar. Well, initially, we wanted to have lunch with the princesses but the 38 dollar price tag convinced us to go to the bar instead. Good choice! Great food, great drinks. I even got a multi colored light up plastic ice cube in mine. Ah, ambiance.
This day Shellie and I discovered tiaras and felt we were worthy of wearing them. Everywhere we looked we saw little princesses dressed in full regalia (seriously, they were everywhere!) so we decided we wanted to be princesses as well. So be it. They stayed on all day and onto the next as well.
When in Disneyland.........

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