Sunday, June 20, 2010

Becoming a distant Memory.....

It has been exactly two weeks since I went to Disneyland and I am ready to go back .
I want some sun, for one. And I want no responsibilities, for two.
Reality sucks sometimes.
I need to buy a lottery ticket so I can start planning several mini vacations a year.
Because living with this cold temperature in June and this rainy crap is REALLY bringing me down.

I realize that Disneyland is an icon, a tradition, a stable memory. But I gotta tell ya, I preferred California Adventure better.
Maybe because it was new to me and more exciting. I felt like Disneyland was passe.
Oh, don't you make that face at me! The one thing I thoroughly enjoyed tho, was having breakfast with Minnie and the gang. Not to mention the food was wonderful. I felt like royalty in that sectioned off patio of the restaurant. People would walk by and take pictures thru the hedges."hey, we paid for this, back off with your cameras thru the shrubbery!"
Then I would politely turn my back to them and block their shots.
I paid for that priveledge!
It was a great time had by all.
No having to justify why we did when we did it ,to any of our men.
In fact, just today, I spoke with a man who was telling us that if a guy can just go to Disneyland without any of the preconceived notions that usual males have and just totally let go of being a man there, he can have a great time! I had to agree.
No second guessing decisions of which rides to go on first, no justifying that caramel apple, no snickering at why we choose to trade pins with staff and collect them ,( someone actually asked me what the point was of that, last week! Oh shame! Let that inner child out!!!) no rhyme, no reason. THAT is the way to enjoy the resort.
Which we did Splendidly!
I need more than 3 days of such luxury.
More like 2 weeks.
Even then, 2 weeks out of 52 doesn't sound like such an impossible request, now does it?

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