Saturday, March 20, 2010

feeling creative~

Today I had no intention of doing anything.


I know it's hard to believe.( *insert sarcasm here*) I am on my own for the next two days and there is something liberating about that.

Oh, don't get me wrong, it's not like Michael ties me down or anything but just knowing there is not another soul in the house, is, well, kinda cool.

Breanne is off on a much needed get away road trip and so Michael is staying with Apollo. Or should I say, spooning with Apollo. That dog soooo hogs bed space.

Anyway, I digress.

I had no intention of being productive. Until I sat in my bed ( out of jammies and dressed of course,......or am I?) and cruised the internet. I stumbled upon someone who sells mini chandeliers that she customizes. Oh, hold up! I have those same chandeliers! I have 12 of them!( For Breanne's wedding. That is no more. But she doesn't want me to get rid of them because we know Mr. Right is right around the corner. )

This woman painted hers various colors and called it good and upped the price by 40 dollars! I paid insanely cheap, I mean, inexpensive price of 10 dollars each for these things. She wanted 50 dollars each.


I have all these really cool crystal chandelier prisms that I got on EBay and so , I started creating. I must say, mine blow hers away. Shucks.

From there, I organized all the remaining prisms I have and put them into apothocary jars and then put it on my nightstand. ( my night stand is actually a 3 1/2 foot long bookcase with no backing that I got from Pier One) Merchandising is all about organizing. So I started cleaning up and merchandising my nightstand.

There. From zero to productive in only 6 hours. The process was actually only one and a half hours but now I can justify sitting in bed the rest of the night.

I might be addicted to Holmes on Homes and International Househunters.

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