Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today I busted out the Easter decorations.

It was nothing like it used to be, let me tell you. But I managed to decorate the dining room table and entry hall console table. It looks springy.

I used to hang plastic eggs from my trees outside, big flowery wreaths on the door, mini lights in pastel colors and every Fitz and Floyd ceramic Easter related piece was out and on display. I used to take decorating very seriously.

As I get older, the display gets sadder.

But this year, I have decided to have an Easter egg hunt for little man Ryan, who is two.

I live next door to a vacant lot and I am going to trespass this year.
Shhhhhh. don't let the owner know. Watch her drive up in her Mercedes this Sunday and see us! She bought the lot, left it vacant and comes by , I think, maybe 3 times in the last 5 years? The lot originally belonged to the people who owned our home but we could not afford to buy it when we bought this home. (Dang it. Would have loved to have that lot!)

Anyway, it is quasi-fenced in but I can go into it just by going thru my hedges that butt up to it. SO that's what we're going to do on Saturday!
I am going to hide the plastic eggs and watch and take pictures as Ryan looks for them. There is no cuter thing than a small child looking for eggs in the grass. Well, maybe there is, but this rates right up there~

I remember when Mike's mom used to make these great moss baskets for Breanne and Mitchell and they would hunt for eggs in her yard. And they would always go to the ELKS club to hunt them there too. Easter with kids is so much fun.

So I am excited to be able to do this for little man. I hope it doesn't rain.

Pictures to follow!

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