Monday, April 12, 2010

I want to be a law abiding citizen

Freaking paragon of masculinity. Outrageous hotness. Call it what you will, I am describing, uh huh, Gerard Butler.
I watched the movie "Law Abiding Citizen" friday night. Oh, I should mention that I watched it through my slightly splayed apart fingers, while looking around a pillow that was plastered to my face.What?!? Was it tense you say?
A little.
Fine. It was very tense, to me at least. Now I am going to get all kinds of flack from all you hard core thriller watchers.
That's ok, bring it on.
Because I enjoyed every minute of it.
Now, keep in mind that one of my all time favorite scenes is a movie called"Man on Fire" with Denzel Washington. He plays Creasy, a personal bodyguard to Pita ( Dakota Fanning) in Mexico. Didn't see it? Oh, allow me.
Creasy has vowed to kill all the kidnappers involved with Pitas kidnapping.
He finds one.
He duct tapes the mans fingers to the steering wheel and one at a time, cuts them off for information.
I may have shouted "YES!!" out loud.
Worried yet? Oh come on, you KNOW I love to see someone get theirs!
Another movie outburst may have been while watching "Taken", another favorite. At the end, ( Alert! Disclosure!) when the Saudi bad guy is holding Liam's daughter with a gun and says:
" We can NEGO. . . . ." then Liam shot him dead.
What's that? What was the word you were looking for bad guy?
I don't think so. I actually Cheered out loud in the theatre. Which resulted in a few worried glances my way and scurrying of bodies to the exit.
Anyway, Law Abiding CItizen, The plot involves this man who witnesses his wifes murder and his small daughter being carried away by a rapist. Next scene is both are dead and it is now deal time with the prosecutor to get as much information as they can out of one of the low lifes.
The decision that is made is not a good one. Fast forward to Gerard's revenge 10 years later on all involved.
Thats all I will say.
It left me feeling slightly ashamed that I could be so calllus and side with the psycho.
But I got over it when we had cake.
It was a marvelous soother,
I have really been into seeing people get whats coming to them these days..wonder why that is?
You have nothing to fear form me, unless you cross me or mine.
Enough said.

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