Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ahh, Valentines day.
Coming up fast!
Every Valentines day, I remember.
6th grade year on Valentines Day. We had a teacher who wanted the girls to make a lunch ,big enough for two. Then, we (girls) would draw names ( boys) from a sack and whoever we picked, we had lunch with. And while we ate, we opened our Valentines from everyone. You know, the boxes we decorated with construction paper and doilies? Yeah, those. ( makes me want to make one now)
I got someone named Ed. The quietest person in class. Possibly the earth. Considering my desk was constantly in a different place every time I got to class because I "talked to my neighbors too much" , could explain why I was bummed I got Ed. Sorry Ed. That's just the way it was.
I also remember that this one girl, (can't recall her name) actually had the audacity to GLUE conversation hearts onto her paper hearts and give them out. What?!? What the?!?! You cannot eat them THAT way, did she not realize this?!?! Was this a cruel joke? I recall being soooo disapointed she wasted good candy like that. Maybe THAT'S why I can't remember her name, I don't want to!
The Martha Stewart before her time. Trying to be creative with her Valentines and all. I , for one, did not appreciate that gesture.
So, Ed for a lunchmate and glued conversation hearts on a's all becoming clear to me now.
If you want to please me, just give me a cupcake. Simply a cupcake. I will be in heaven!
How easy is that? No jewelry, no elaborate dates. Just feed me.
Tah dah.
Don't you judge me. My needs are simple.
Mr. Hankins, my sixth grade teacher. Obviously a man who's heart was connected to his stomach, I thank you for your lunch insight. I am not sure that would allowed in schools today. Shame.

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