Thursday, January 28, 2010

After working in several cities throughout the sound this week, tomorrow is my day off and what am I going to do?

Why, drive to Renton of course.

Oh yes, the goal is IKEA.

I have a gift card burning a hole in my wallet and an overwhelming desire to roam the aisles to look at cheap, er, inexpensive items I cannot live without.

I cannot explain it.

I find myself drawn to the colors, the layout, the graphics and the cheap, er, inexpensive prices.

But I repeat myself.

I am actually going with some friends whom I need to spend some quality time with.

And they are just like me. You see a napkin and we see a valance for our windows.

So imagine 3 women ooohing and ahhing and saying things like " oooh, ooooh, I can do THIS with this" and cutting back and forth in the aisles with the fervor of newly hatched sea turtles headed for the light of the moonbeams. That would be us.

So that either makes you want to go WITH us, or run screaming in the opposite direction.

You know you want to go, if not just to watch this happening.

And if I should come away with a way cool centerpiece for my entry,

so be it.

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