Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I am making progress. No mean feat, I tell ya.
The tree is now up. I had no idea it was THAT stinkin heavy to assemble.
But I prevailed and it is now done. And not a single breakable item on the thing.
Seven years ago, I awoke to a horrendous crash, shatter, tinkle, tinkle . Silence.
It was Mitchell's 15th birthday and we were going to spend the day in Seattle shopping as a fam.
I ran out to the living room and discovered my beautiful tree had jumped ship.
Mind you, I had covered it with nothing but Christopher Radko handblown glass ornaments.
Two thousand dollars worth. Every piece had a meaning, every piece was special. I even had the Twin Towers. It was all gone. All shattered and broken.
Did I mention that I had so many ornaments that you could barely see the tree itself?
With the exception of my tree topper.
Which was a foot long aqua blue classic Caddy, convertible. It was totally intact.
Everything else was lost. My Eiffel tower, the Twin towers, my hula dancer, my memorial soldiers on the hill, yadda yadda yadda.
The Insurance people told me they would not cover the loss as there was no reason why it fell.
They said that if a tree came through the living room window and knowcked it down, then yes. They would cover that.
But because they had no cause, I had no claim.
Oh well, it was Mitch's birthday so I decided not to dwell on it.
It was only possessions. I had my family and we enjoyed a great day in Seattle.
And I learned.
To only buy shatterproof ornaments.
No one knows they are not glass.
Especially Manny. Who is perched under the tree as we read.
So if it falls, so be it.

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