Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I know this sounds so typical and trite but, nevertheless, it's so true.
Where did the time go?
It has been a never ending one thing after another month and tomorrow is Thanksgiving.
So today I have been a slave to my kitchen.
I am organized.
I am cleaning as I go.
I am whirling around the kitchen like, well, a whirlwind.
Creamed green beans done: check
Sweet potato casserole done: check
Crumb topping for the sweet potatoes done : check
2 brined turkey breasts cooked in slow cooker done : check
1 Ham with a peach clove honey mustard glaze done : check
Company potatoes ( cream cheese , sour cream, butter and half and half) done: check
Cranberry frozen fluff done: check.
Homemade rolls done: NOT check. I cannot get the yeast to activate for the life of me.
I am on my third try. If this doesn't work, then....tough. So frustrating for me. Store bought rolls just do not do it for me. Such a big difference in taste!
Let it go Colleen.

I have been in the kitchen since 10 am. and it is now 5 pm.
I have consumed a half cup of peaches. Whoppeeee.
But my house smells marvelous!
I am on to the next step which is setting the favorite part.
Gotta go get my Fitz and Floyd Huge Santa centerpiece. What? Santa you say? Yes!
He is surrounded by woodland animals and if I sit him on cedar greens with pinecones , he will be perfect! And after all, once that last bite is taken, it is offically Christmas!!

Dear Heavenly Father,
“Thank You for this special day, a day to remember Your goodness to us.
Thank You for the roof over our heads, and more than enough food to eat.
Thank You for the relationships You have given to us -- for family and friends.
Also, I want to thank You for all the bad experiences we’ve had. We have learned that you were there for us all the time. For this, we thank You and praise You. In Jesus name, amen.”


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