Tuesday, November 3, 2009

You just "click".....

Friends~ they come and they go.
Some remain steady and some slowly fade away.
Now that my life has slowed down ( some would debate that, but it's true) I find that I have time now to enjoy what wasn't available to me before.
Before, you know....the baby age, then the toddler stage, then the pre -teen followed by teen years and then before I knew it, they were gone. Oh they come back, it's all good.
But my point is, when those years were forming , life was consuming. I had time for the community of people that were "around" me: Church and Business. If you were not in that circle in those 24 hours a day that I functioned, you were .......not.
And let's face it, it wasn't for lack of interest ...there just wasn't enough time in the day to have it all!
So where am I going with this?
Now that we are empty nesters and I am unemployed, I have learned that I must have some sort of schedule for the day or....it goes like that. Poof. Gone.
But because I can plan my own days as I want, I have actual time.
Imagine that. Time.
And because I have that Time, I now have renewed friendships. Not that they didn't mean enough to me before to maintain but I have a freedom now that allows that to happen.
Aw jeez, now I am making it sound like I was in shackles. Hopefully you can sift through this and get an understanding of what my brain puts me through on a daily basis.
But I am veering off course.....
It's so good to be a part of this information highway called the internet. I can talk to anyone I want, every day. Now, they would probably beg to differ with you about that last statement~ but, it's amazing to me. I can see what my friends are up to every day and if I like, I can "talk" to them. If I don't feel like it, that's ok too. But what's really cool is the ability to even do so!
And the connections I have made again after all these years is, well, flat out wonderful.( you know who you are~) Some people you just "click" with and regardless of all the years in between contact, you pick up right where you left off. (Not literally. But you get it.) And without all the baggage you might have carried along the way! I can even gauge someone's mood and know when it's good to leave them alone. How can you top that? Some would say "yeah, but your missing the one on one interfacing". To that , I say : "pffft". Sometimes, it's good to not have to be in someones face and now I have the discretion to do so.
I warned you my mind takes me hostage, now you know.
So, it is with this posting that I say thank you to all those people I have reconnected with in these last few months.....it is a blast.
Now I must leave you and deliver some cupcakes~

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