Sunday, November 1, 2009

Holiday cooking.....and dreams

As we approach the holidays with all the cooking and baking I will do, I always think about the bakery I thought would be so cool to have.
I would call it "Tarts".
And I would fill the display cases with my French silk pies, Apple/peach crumb topped pies, Butter pound cake with french almond creme, German crumb cake, Peppermint Patty brownies, Melting moment cookies, Biscotti, Home made Caramels, Poor Mans Toffee ( which I will be making very soon)and so on and so on.
The floors would be large black and white tiles and there would definitely be chandeliers.
Oh, I know exactly how I want it to be. And I know I need to win the lottery to make it so.
Because I do not want the unGodly hours ( the butt crack of dawn to start the dough), the clean up and the failed recipes. I want to hire a staff to do all the labor, while I enjoy my customers and friends that come in. Just snap my fingers and it all appears.
Yeah, I know. Its a great fantasy. But as long as I'm fantasizing, why don't I serve lunch too?
My Steak soup, Corn chowder, Leek and potato soup, open faced montery jack/bacon sandwhiches, chicken pasta salad, Grilled tuna sandwhiches, ~all the homemade dressings I make! How cool would that be? Again, I supervise the staff , eliminate the stress and the toll it would take on me and sit and have lunch with all of you~. Because I can think of nothing better than sharing all my favorite recipes with all of you.
I can even see how I would dress the window displays......I need to go buy a lottery ticket.
But until that happy event occurs, you all are welcome to come by the house and keep me company as I gear up for the holidays~
If you have any recipes you think I need to try, I am more than willing to give them a try!

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